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Saturday, 4 January 2014


Leaving Hermiston rest area early as the sun rises

Today our plan is to try and catch up with our neighbours Ross and Irene Walker somewhere in Idaho and then head to Nevada to find a place to overnight.

Accident just up the hill from Pendleton Or
This area always scares me. From Pendleton you climb up into the mountains. The roads are clear but very icy like a black ice. We came to the top of the hill to find this horsemen jackknifed in the middle of the highway. Thank god all horses and people were ok. The tow truck and police had been called.

Just before Baker City OR
 Road conditions for the first few hours were very dicey with fog and ice. Once we made it out of Baker City things got better. 
Snake River in Idaho
 The first part of Idaho was very foggy but we made it through to clear sky's and beautiful views.
Bliss Idaho

Hwy 30 and a Thousand Springs
 This is such a cool area with thousands of springs coming out of the rock cliffs.
Potato fields as far as the eye can see in Idaho

Nevada Sunset
 We caught up with our neighbours in Blur Idaho and headed over the state line to Jackpot then down to Wells rodeo grounds for the night.
Wells rodeo grounds

We got to the rodeo grounds just as the sun was setting The horses all had big pens to move around in.

 Here are some pictures of the Rodeo grounds in Wells Nevada 

Ready to head to Vegas now. 

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