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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Horse Mesa Ranch in Sedona

On the road again heading to the other side of the Verde Valley to a place called Horse Mesa Ranch

Horse Mesa Ranch is located just east of the main part of Sedona in a Village called Oak Creek in Sedona
Entering Road to Horse Mesa Ranch

Hunter and Cimaron room with a view.

They have a big riding ring, round pen all with a view of the Red Rocks of Sedona

Riding out of Ranch 

There are easy to find bridle paths

You do have to know your way through the trails in the highend subdivision that get you into the red rocks. 

This home was just huge right at the base of the red rocks ,one of the trails pass by it. 

It is magical once you get up into the red rocks

One the trail to Bell Rock. The view through your horses ears doesn't get much better then this. 

Ron rides up for a picture moment (above) while a young child named Alex meets Hunter our stallion (below). 

Hunter just loves small children this is just so cute. We gave Alex a little ride on Hunter too. 

Every corner you go around you see another million dollar view

Bell Rock you can view from where we are staying it over looks the whole village. 

Map of Trail system in Sedona

Our second day of riding we headed out on a different trail through the subdivision. The trail goes under a cute red rock bridge. 

You only have to ride the side a little ways and you are into the red rocks

Ron on the other side of Bell Rock 

Bell Rock and the whole south side of the Sedona valley

We took the Templeton Trail under the Hwy

Even more view on the other side of the Hwy

Hunter having a sleep 
This is such a funny shot the Go-pro wide angle setting that Ron took 

Lunch break

 Right from the horses Ass LOL


  1. Thanks for this AWESOME resource for horse camping Kelly! I have stayed at Horse Mesa Ranch over the years, but have not ridden the trail that goes under the highway was that a fun ride? Jamie our daughter is 9 yrs. and is good for 3-4 hr. rides, so we want to do some fun stuff that is non-horsey as well. We will be there at the end of the month, Slide Rock is bummed about that. I'm thinking the Indian Ruins would be fun and 4x4 in the truck. I love the shopping and dining in Sedona as well. Any tips on some fun stuff that would be "kid friendly" with water? Are there any rivers or creeks to ride in from the ranch? Thanks for any help. Take care, Juanita Koth, Gaits In the Grapes

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  3. Question: where did you camp in Sedona when the horses were at Horse Mesa Ranch?

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