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Friday, 3 January 2014

On the road to Arizona

 On Wednesday morning we packed up he horses, dogs & cats and hit the road for the coast. We had an appointment with the Vet at Thursday morning 830am and 9am appointment with Art from US fish & wildlife for our cat Duma at the Sumas crossing. Arizona here we come. 
Ann our house/horse sitter took this picture as we were leaving

I will miss my beautiful Merritt view for a few months. Here is our new home until then.

  Road conditions to the coast were good just some fresh snow on the mountains.
Break check on the Coq

Here are some cool icicles with the view of our truck in the back ground. 

Wednesday night we stayed on the coast in Aldergrove at Gloucester Downs . We were up early and headed to the boarder about 8am
For the past 3 year when we cross the boarder the weather is always the same rain rain rain.
Here are a couple tips for those of you going south from Aldergrove or Sumas on Guide Meridian there is a gas station called Midway. Found it on our app "Gas Buddies" Diesel was only $3.79 a gallon if you paid cash. We have seen diesel as high as $4.49 today so when you are filling up a Semi you want the most reasonable price. $700.00 later we are on the road to Arizona and should make it all the way without another fill.
We also hit Safeway for groceries and then headed to Bellis Fair to load our Wifi Hotspot card at Verizon celluar.

No snow on this mountain pass before Ellensburg
Today the road conditions were good going through the mountains. Little or no snow. Once we got through Yakima we hit really bad fog almost pulled over a couple times but made it just past Hermiston OR about 25 miles from Pendleton.  

The sunset as we drive down into the fog. 

Tonight we stopped just past Hermiston about 25 miles from Pendleton at the Rest area on Hwy 84 they have 2 HUGE corrals big enough to pull our big rig right in to and let horse out for a run and roll. 


  1. Travel safe. That is one great thing about those big rigs, you can go almost till you get a heart attack when you fill it up. Fuel is between $3.50 and $3.80 down here right now.

  2. Thanks for the fill tips John. Where is it $3.50? We filled up in Lynden WA at $3.79 and still have more then 1/4 tank so will have to fill in Apache Junction or sooner. It is sure great not having to stop 2 times a day for fuel.