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Tuesday, 9 April 2013


"Bucket list ride".

We saved the best ride for last. After riding Butch Cassidy in Red Canyon then Thunder Mountain on the other side of Red Canyon and then we rode the down the middle of the Red Canyon on the Losee Canyon Trail we were ready to head up and arrange a ride through Bryce Canyon. The trail is in the park of Bryce Canyon and you have to co-ordinate with the Canyon Trail Ride wranglers to book your time so you don't interfere with the guided rides. When you enter the park you "MUST HAVE A CURRENT COGGINS" A park ranger will met you at he first parking lot on the left and inspect you horses. You have some forms to fill out and then you can either call or go to lodge to book your time with the Canyon Trail Ride wranglers. 
We headed up Hwy 12 towards Hwy 63 into Bryce Canyon City along the highway you go through 2 tunnels 

You have to co-ordinate with the Canyon Trail Ride wranglers.

The ride was just heading out. We had to laugh don't let the size fool you this mule was tough as nails.

We were able to book a time of 12 noon so we headed to the parking lot on the other side of 63 to park our rig. There was a family of deer right there when we go out.  

There is a good trail back towards the lodge 

One the way you go by a Prairie Dog habitat

One of the first lodges you go by

As soon as the wranglers give you the go a head you head down the trail only a short distance to come to this unbelievable view

You will head down a few switch backs to the bottom of the Canyon 

The views are "out of this world". 

Every corner you go around it is another breathtaking view.

We joined up with the Garden Trail for hikers 

Everyone stopped and asked if they could take our pictures so I took pictures too LOL 

Looking back on Garden trail

Heading to the Peek-A-Boo trail 

Again there is a lot of switch backs

When you think it could not get any better,  the views do get better!!

A view looking back 

One word "Breathtaking"

One of the main reason's it is called Peek-A-Boo is some of the arches you go through.

Does the view from the back of you horse ever get any better then this??

The trails are steep but not too narrow so they are good to travel. I am afraid of heights but was fine on these trails

This was a really cool trail it was steep small switchbacks to the top then another tunnel

Almost to the top 

Then through the tunnel 

OMG another fabulous view

You ride side by side the huge hoodoo's 

There are lots of hikers so just keep on your toes coming around corners

You want me to fit through there?? 

This was a little bit nerve raking as the small canyon was a down hill trail and when you are going through you can not see the trail turn so you feel like you are going to drop off LOL 

Once through the tunnel you have some more switchbacks 

More incredible views 
The horse trail is the green dotted one then the green and blue is the Peek-A-Boo

The 2pm to 4pm trail ride was just ahead of us heading back to the lodge. What a fabulous ride.

Here is a link to places in the area that may have stalls or corrals to overnight your horses "Click Here"

Another Bucket list ride. 

Visit our facebook page Camping with horses  and our web site to find places to overnight, and camp with your horses 


  1. Kellyyyyyyyyy! Amazing. Love your blog. I am going to do this ride someday.
    Thank you!

    1. Bert and me have been following yur blog since yu arrived in Arizona. As yu are aware we just got back from Ft.Worth with our lq horse trailer. I can hardly wait until we lesve this fall. Lots to do before then. Bert's husband Larry

  2. Beautiful, we'll have to slip by there someday on our homeward dash!

  3. Nice shots and good trail info. I look forward to that ride in the not-too-distant future!

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  6. This place is on my to-see-visit list, I loved all of your pics, so grateful for the tour u took me on! I am sure you had a fabulous time, there is something magical in these red rocks, is not it?

    Bryce Canyon Airport

  7. Where is the closest primitive camping to this trail? Doesn't have to have picnic tables and such, but water would be a bonus. Have a 4-horse rig ( no LQ) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  8. We are talking about going to Bryce Canyon from Southern California...any words of wisdom? Ideas for camping on the way? Best time of year to go? Is it too hot now.. July/August?