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Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Our last sunset at home until spring.

Well it is that time of year again we loaded up our 2 Paint horses and are heading South for the winter. Keep posted for some new trails and horse camping areas along the way. 
First stop South will be visiting family on the coast for an early Christmas.
Then into the USA heading to visit our friend Alan in Alpine Utah then to maybe Bryce Canyon and on to St George Utah to ride parts of Zion Mountain. Then on to Nevada to ride "The Valley of Fire" and to stop in Vegas for "Cowboy Christmas" 

Rig is packed and ready to hit the rode.
We still have no snow but I think it maybe coming

We decided to take the Fraser Canyon instead of the Coq they say there was 18" of new snow on the Coq last night. So far no snow here. 

The drive to Spencers Bridge and then down the Canyon is beautiful

Once we got to Langley it rain for 2 days straight. Once we arrived and got settled we headed to our good friend Sharon's house for a turkey dinner. 

Tuesday we stopped and visited Zanda our mare and the foal they have by Hunter.

Tuesday night we went to my son Skylar's place to drop off Christmas presents and go for a nice Tai dinner. This kitten is Skylar's new family member "Jazz".

Skylar and Amanda with little Jazz. (Family photo) behind it one of the paintings I painted for them for Christmas. 

Amanda, Skylar and my Dad George at the Tai restaurant. My brother Greg was able to meet us too. 

Normally the US customs officers do not let you take pictures but they are all smiles here well US Fish and Wildlife stamp Duma's "Cities Pet Passport".

We managed to make it through the mountain passes in Washington with out seeing any snow on the roads.
 Our first stop will be the Hermiston "Rest area" just outside of Hermiston before Pendleton. They have 2 BIG drive into Corrals. 

We got up pretty early Thursday morning. It is Thanksgiving here in the US and the highways are very quiet. 

Love this area going through Oregon it looks like a mini train set.

We made it into Idaho before lunch 

Stopped for a break just after the state line. The first rest area even has free wifi.

I took this picture because the exit just past Boise has a hotel and gas bar but also has corrals for traveling horses. So mark this down exit 71 on hwy 84 it is called "The Stage Coach".

By the looks of things the corrals are covered too. (Picture above)

Here is another exit to mark down. In Idaho the Glenn's Ferry Fairgrounds are also available to overnight your horses. 

There is lots of stabling at Glen's Ferry Fairgrounds

 We crossed the Snake river a few times throughout the day in Idaho before entering Utah. 

Mean well back at home.. Ann sent us this picture.

Getting close to Salt Lake city 
 Alan our friend lives just South of Salt Lake City in Alpine Utah.

Arrived at Alan's just as the sunset. 

We took a drive to the mountain behind Alan's 

 This is the area Alan come to ride in the summer months behind his home in the mountains

These are the mountain behind Alan's place

Ok isn't this just the cutest Mule you have every seen?? This is Miss Foxy Alan's ride. 

Our rig was too big to fit in Alan's driveway so we are parked next to the house in his daughters driveway. Our horses are happy in a nice grass field at Alan's with views of the mountains. 

Alan's beautiful brick barn with all his cute Mules. 

Next stop Bryce Canyon. We are waiting for our friends the Mack's to meet up with us. 

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