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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Losee Canyon is located just off of Hwy 89 on a gravel road that comes out on Hwy 12. If you are heading towards Bryce Canyon say from Kanab follow Hwy 89 until your see Hwy 12 or the Bryce Canyon turn off. Go down Hwy 12 for just about a mile maybe less. You will see a brown sign that say Casto Canyon and Losee Canyon. Turn left down that gravel rode. The trailhead is about 2 miles down that road. Just before trailhead on the left you will see a gravel small driveway going into the trees you can camp in there but it is too narrow for most larger rigs. We managed to park at the trailhead.

Here is a trail map it will show you the whole trail system in the Bryce area. The trails are all inter connected. 

We were lucky enough to be able to use the trailer from Ruby's Inn because we were stabled there.

We took the Losee Canyon trail to the Butch Cassidy Trail then took the Rich trail to the Red Canyon trail that brought us out at the Red Canyon Trail head. Ron rode back to get the truck and trailer and meet us there. 

Ron took this picture of Myself (Kelly, Sharon, Irene and Ross) at the start of our ride. This is in Losee Canyon. 

The trail systems in this area could keep you busy for a week. You can camp at either Coyote Hollow Equestrian Camp or at Ruby's Inn rodeo grounds.  If you go to the rodeo grounds make sure you either call Ruby's Inn or drop by the Ruby's Horseback Adventures  to book corrals at the rodeo grounds.

Friday, 11 April 2014


We left Copper Cloud Ranch on Tuesday the 8th and headed north to Bryce Canyon City. You take highway 89 out of Kanab Utah all the way to highway 12 (Very scenic drive). We had planned on staying at Ruby's Rodeo Grounds owned and run by Ruby's Inn. They have a horse motel there. Once you get to town you can go to Ruby's Inn to make arrangements to stay at Rodeo grounds. You can also email Brady Syrett about staying at the rodeo grounds. He is very helpful and was even kind enough to lend us a stock trailer to haul out to Bryce and Lossee Canyon. 
Or call 800-468-8660

Now to book to ride Bryce you have to call the outfitters that run the trailrides out of Bryce. Contact them at 

Canyon Trail Rides located at
280 Bryce Way,,  P.O. Box 128,  TropicUtah84776
Phone: 435-679-8665

Make sure you have a current coggins and you have been feeding weed free hay or pellets for the last 24 hours. 

They are trying to change the rules about private horses in Bryce it is very important everyone email there comments before the end of April here is a link to the proposal 

There was 5 of us on this ride our good friend Sharon Jackson, our friends and neighbours from Merritt Ross and Irene Walker  and Ron and I. 

Photo credits to Kelly Allen, Ross Walker and Ron Stolp 

Arriving in Red Canyon area

Heading over to Bryce Canyon

Once we got parked and settle we headed over to Ruby's Inn for dinner. 

For $19.99 they have all you can eat Buffett. 

The next morning we hauled into Bryce. It is a $25 a car load for a 7 day pass. You must have current coggins for all horses. A park range will come and inspect your horses at the first parking lot then you head down to there maintenance yard and ride to trail head from there. Don't forget to call the outfitters to book a ride time. 

Canyon Trail Rides located at
280 Bryce Way,,  P.O. Box 128,  TropicUtah84776
Phone: 435-679-8665

This is the fenced trail you ride to the trail head from the maintenance yard. 

Make sure all horse are back up at the trailhead before heading down to the park trail. 

Here are all the trail horses and mules having a break before hitting the trail again at 2pm 

Our ride out time was 12:30pm

This is the top of the trail before taking the steep trail to the base of the Canyon.

The first part of the trail is a 2 way trail this is why it is important to have booked a time. The trail is too narrow to pass other horses. 

The first loop you ride counter clockwise

Heading down counter clockwise to the PeekaBoo trail

We are kind of in between the first loop and the Peekaboo loop. We took a break at the bottom. When you get to the base at the bottom go straight do not take the trail to the left that is the second part of the first loop. There is no real signage for the Peekaboo but you will see the sign below. 

Head straight up the trail until you see the PeekaBoo trailhead sign make sure you go Clockwise around this loop so make a left turn on trailhead

Follow this trail at the base straight until you reach the PeekaBoo

The PeekaBoo Trail is just breathtaking

You do a lot of climbing up and then down on this trail. 

Around every corner you go OMG

Going into the first PeekaBoo tunnel.

Sharon coming through the first tunnel

Irene and her young horse coming through the first tunnel.

Love this shot of Ron' horse between the ears. 

The trail rides have a nice rest area we used for our second break

Hunter is so tired he is ready to head back to Canada for a bit of a rest. 

Sharon in the snow. 

Great shot of Ron and Irene with the wall of windows behind them.

More wonderful shots 

This is one of my favourite parts of the trail.

This trail twists and turns all the way to the top then through the second tunnel

Irene was a little nervous on some of the trails with her young horse so just walked him a ways.

It was a little icy after this trail so we all go off and walked 

Getting back on after the icy spot

Heading back up the trail to the top

We managed to find someone to take a picture of all of us at the top. 

Left to right Kelly (Me), Ron, Sharon, Ross and the Irene.

Bucket list ride best one of the year and we have done some super rides.