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Saturday, 25 January 2014


Thursday nights at "The Mammoth Saloon and Steakhouse" at Goldfield they have "The Saddle Strings" as entertainment until the 3rd week in February. They are so much fun and like us they come to Arizona to ride their horses but do a little entertaining on the side. They are from Colorado. We headed to the Saloon for dinner on Thursday night with Alan, Paul and Shawneen. Had so much fun.

Some pictures below of us having some fun
Paul and Shawneen 

The Colorado Saddle Strings

Man in Black LOL
Ron and Alan got hooked into being part of the performance 

Alan came by camp to pick all 4 of us up with our horses at 10am Friday morning for another ride up the Bulldog canyon.  The get to the parking lot you go up toward Tortilla Flats. You will go by the turn off to Lost dutchman state park, first water parking lot and there is another parking lot on the right just before you head up the hill the next parking lot on the left is where you park your rig and go into Bulldog trail system. 

This really is beautiful ride 

When you get down into Weeks wash you go through a beautiful canyon.

Paul and Shawneen going up the wash

Great place for a lunch break

Love this canyon

Alan's dog Pinky on a Pink rock

Both our boys having a nice rest

Back on the trail

I just love all the rock formations 

Alan with his mule Foxy she will go anywhere

Heading back to the parking lot

Alan , Foxy and Pinky holding up the rear.

Another group of riders coming up the trail

More beautiful scenry

This picture you can see the other horses now way ahead of us.

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