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Monday, 15 December 2014


We left Overton Nevada and headed to Arizona on the Monday Morning. It took about 4 hours of driving. We had made plans to meet at the Wickenburg Rodeo grounds. First time we had camped here because it is first come first serve and there are only 6 corrals (3 sites with 2). 

Normally we head up past the rodeo grounds and camp out on the BLM lands or even turn on Blue Tank head left to Sophies Flat. 

Our Campsite with 3 big rigs 

First Arizona Sunset

The first night the kids all sang

Our first ride in the desert I took Gianna with me on her buddy saddle

Selfies of Gianna and I 

 Shadow shot :) 

This stallion is one of a kind. 

Last shot of the 3 of us. 

The cats settled in just fine too. 

Second ride we headed down the street towards the Hassayampa River.

There had a big rain storm here a week ago and the sand it still piled along the sides of the road

This is why you do not park in sand draws before rain storms

Heading into the river

Looking back down the Hassayampa 

We headed down the Hassayampa to the left for about a mile then we took the second draw to the left under the hwy up a draw and a canyon. 

We tried finding the Crowned Saguro but found this beautiful canyon instead. 

There was a snaky steap 

This is what the canyon looked like at the bottom

Alan of course had to take Foxy his molly mule up the boxed canyon to see if it was passible 

Not passible :( 

We headed back down the canyon and found a trail that lead us right to the Rodeo grounds

Another night of the Mack kids singing along with Alberta friend Ann and Ken Smith

The next morning Cathy and I planned on shopping and Ron would take Clint and Jerry Mack on the trail ride in the desert. 

Got some ideas in town to make new benches at home.

Another great sunset

Morning visitor a stick bug

The next morning we rode out with to couples from Alberta Pam and Kim, Ann and Ken. This time Jake Mack had a horse to ride as well. 

Medicine circle 

Down into another draw in search for the Crowned Saguro

About 3 sand draws over there she is!!

Jake and the Crowned Saguro

We took a cool canyon draw up from the crowned saguaro

Loved this ride home. 

Once back at camp we all piled into our truck and headed to town 

It had a real christmas feel once we got there. 

We watched the Christmas light parade

Last two pictures we're the best float in the parade at least in our opinion 

In the morning we head to Goldfield to camp for a month the Mack's head home in a few days from there. 


  1. Hey Guys, looks like your year has started off great!
    I am really enjoying looking at your photos you have posted!


  2. Elisabeth hope you are coming down. :)

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