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Tuesday, 21 January 2014


We took 12 Canadian's & 1 American on a scenic ride to the base of Superstition Mountain then back down to the Mammoth Saloon for lunch. Our friends the Pohls had some of their outfitting neighbours come for a ride as well as some friends from Alberta that did not have horses. Chuck and Terri (outfitters) the Pohl's neighbours here in Arizona (also from Alberta) supplied horses for all that did not have horses. We had one American Joel who is on his last days of his holidays come along for the ride on his Spotted Tennessee walking horse. It was a lovely scenic ride. Everyone had a super time.

Leaving the Goldfield parking lot

We rode up past King's stable at the base of Superstition

My horse seems a little lazy today I was way at the back of the pack

It is so beautiful below the base of Superstition mountain

Almost to the base

Up up up we go

Love this shot of Verna Pohl and her draft/QH cross "Ben".

Heading back down 

Joel is leading the ride on his Spotted Tennessee walking horse

Now I have taken over the lead just waiting for everyone to meet at the bottom.

Heading into Goldfield 

At the hitching rails at the Saloon

The horses are tier after that big climb to the base of the mountain

Our two boy's Cimron and Hunter

The Canadian's taking over the Saloon 

Another good day in Paradise 
When we got back to camp some more of our Canadian friends have shown up. Paul and Shawneen from Princeton who spend the winters in Wickenburg AZ have come for a week of riding. 


  1. thank you Kelly....your pics bring back fond memories............

  2. We miss you Michael maybe next year? Did that Bulldog canyon ride the other day that you did with us last year.