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Monday, 27 January 2014


My 2nd cousin's Sarah and Sky came to visit us a Goldfield. Sky brought her husband Lee and her 3 adorable boys. What a fun day. Both Sarah and Sky are originally from B.C. but moved down here years ago with their whole family including their parents (Deb and Mark) Deb is my 1st cousin, grandparents Dean & Marge (my aunt and uncle) and their aunt and uncle (Jason and Dana my 1st cousin) . So I have many members of my family here leaving in Chandler AZ. 

All 3 boys are animal crazy

The boys all got a ride on the horses out into the desert

Couple of Cowboy's in the making

Mining for gem stones 

All true cowboys must be able to operate a tractor

Holding the building up

Yes he is a natural 

Just before the Gunfight

Finished off the day on the train

Another wonderful day in Paradise 

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