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Saturday, 18 January 2014


We were lucky enough to have Alan Gillman pick us and our horses up at camp yesterday. He drove out to the Peralta trail head off of Hwy 60 towards Globe. Just past Gold Canyon you will see the signs for the trail head turn off to the left if you are coming from Apache Junction. It is a 7 mile (but wide) grave road in. Just before the main parking lot there is a lot on the left for horse trailers and bus's. You have to ride up to main parking lot to enter the trail system. Lots of room in the horse parking lot for big rigs. I even saw there was camping spots on the way up if you are wanting to stay the night. I know people that have done it. Some people don't recommend it. 

Parking lot was full of horse trailers

Even riding up to the main trail is beautiful scenery 
To get to main trail head ride through parking lot and sign in

I have circled the loop we did in yellow it looks so small but took all day 
We took the Dutchman trailhead out to the 235 then came back on the 104. You would not want to do this in the other order. Going up the mountain is way easier then coming down. This is an extreme trail.
You need fit, sure footed, willing animals.

The scenery in the Superstition mountain is like no other

First part of the trail was pretty good with wooden steps up

More beautiful scenery

The trail gets steeper and rockier as you go up.

Well worth it for the views

Alan and Ron heading up the trail

You can see the trail is getting more extreme

When you reach the top OMG "Views views views".

You really do need fit animals for these trails

Some of the rock faces are easier to just jump up

Ron looking back at trail behind

Hunter and I looking back at the parking lot below

This shot you can almost see all the way to Tuscon

Just when you think you have climbed the highest peak you come around the corner to another one.

And another hill :)

After every hill you climb you have another beautiful view to see

Oh yes another big extreme rock face up
I have to say we have our horses barefoot and I have the Viper boots from Renegade on my stallion with these boots he has no trouble climbing these hills. Mind you your horse still has to be willing to do this kind of extreme riding.

Ron and his horse Cimaron

And more hills going up

This picture gives you a pretty good idea of the trail we had to ride. 

I could not get over the views just beautiful

I think we made it to the top :) 

Looking below into one of the many valleys.

A short break after another extreme hill up

Heading back on the 104 trail

Looking down the trail before heading down.

This trail twists around the hill sides first to the right (picture above) then way over to the left  (Picture below) you see the trail way over to the left we head that way. 

More beautiful views 

When we get to the bottom of this valley it is like a garden

Ron and Alan in the last part of the trail 

We have one more hill to go up and over then we are back 

On the top of the last hill you can see the parking lot

Another perfect day in Arizona

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