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Tuesday, 14 January 2014


We had 3 great days of riding at Picket Post trail head that is just before Superior off Hwy 60. We packed up Sunday and decided to headed to one of our favourite spots to camp "Goldfield Ghost Town". It is close to Apache Junction and there is lots of shopping in the area. We were low on groceries and needed to head to town anyway. We headed first to the feed store and filled our propane and got some extra groceries for Ron's horse Cimaron who seems to lose weight ever year riding so many hours. Then we headed out on the Apache Trail towards Goldfield Ghost Town. We got camp set up and horses settled in camp then headed to the Mesa Market and Fry's grocery store to stock up for another few days of camping and riding. Our friend Ken and Verna Pohl were going to head this way tonight so we could show them some trails in the morning.

The morning we left Picket Post the sky was Pink

The Pohl's campsite at Goldfield

Want a "Sunset" we had.
Once the Pohl's got there camp all set up and horses settled we headed to the Mammoth Saloon for dinner.
The sky changed colours a few times

Goldfield winter horse campers
In the morning we got tacked up for a long ride to Hackberry Spring up in The Lost Dutchman State Park. We first rode up and past the  Mammoth Saloon.

10am in the morning and there is already a full hitching rail full of horses

This is the Pohl's first ride from Goldfield picture her in front of the  Mammoth Saloon
Verna took this picture of us in front of the Bar at Goldfield

The old train over the bridge

Riding the sand draw to First Water parking lot
We headed down the trail into Lost Dutchman State park located in Tonto National Forest to a Spring called "Hackberry" it is a cool ride but not for the faint for heart there are some very steep climbs up and down. Well worth the trip though. 

Ron and I heading down the trail (photo by Verna Pohl)

This is like riding through a desert garden (Photo credit Verna Pohl)

Ken Pohl on his horse Beauty

Verna Pohl on her horse Ben

This show how high the creek can get in a flash flood

Lunch stop at HackBerry Spring

Great shot of me with the horses at Hackberry (photo credit Verna Pohl) 

Ken and Ron check out the spring

Heading back down towards camp

We saw a herd of small deer (photo credit Verna Pohl)

The sunsetting on Superstition Mountains

Our Camp

Ken and Verna Pohl heading home 

Another day and another sunset in Paradise  

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