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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

First trip this year in BC

First Trip away since Arizona

Sorry have not posted in a while it has been a crazy spring. We lost our African Serval cat only 4 days after we got home from Arizona. After months of searching we have not manage to catch him but he is out there in our area. 

I also had surgery for a shoulder injury that has been making life a little miserable for the past couple years. I finally had a MRI only to find out the small tear was now a complete tear through the shoulder and that surgery was the only option. The surgery was at the end of June ,the shoulder is still very painful but I do have some good movement coming back. It will be a slow process. 

Despite the pain in my shoulder we decided to head up to Lundbom Lake to celebrate a friends birthday. The weather was fabulous. Spring came late in the grasslands this year and the flowers are only just blooming now. 

I love the grasslands when they are in full bloom!

The colours in the fields are amazing

Ron and Cimaron (Look at the colours) 

Ron and Cimaron with Lundbom Lake in the forground

Lake just before Lundbom 

Ron with our friend Annabel 

Part of our Arizona crew Annabel , Ron and Jay 
Early morning ride with Ron and Cimaron

Sammy our Jack Russell and our new Serval cat Duma going for a walk to the lake 

Ron helping the ranch move Bulls out of the herd

I took the pets for walks every morning

Duma waiting for the sunset 

The incredible sunsets