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Thursday, 16 January 2014


I want to first say how important it is to cover your head not only with a hard hat but a sun shade. I got sunstroke well riding out on the trail and it took a couple days to feel a little better. 

Today we did the Black Mesa trail from the first water parking lot up past the entrance to the Lost Dutchman state park. A follow horsemen Alan Gillman from Utah picked us up in camp at 10am and trailer us up to first water. Very scenic trail that takes you by Weavers Needle so the views are unbelievable. 

We rode out of First Water past the First water ranch. 

Ron coming down one of the many hills

This trail is not for the faint of heart there are a lot of ups and downs and some edgy stuff. You must have a surefooted animal to ride through here. 

Beautiful scenry

We met these hikers on the trail 2 of them were from Canada 

A  cactus garden  

Looking a head

This picture gives you an idea what kind of trail we are dealing with lots of rock surfaces. 

Heading towards Weavers Needle

Another rocky trail down hill

Very tall Cactus

Ron and I 

Weavers Needle

Alan Gillman and Ron coming down the hill 

Some cool rock formations along the way

Alan Gillman on his mule just look at the scenery. 

The end to a beautiful ride

Back at camp at our beautiful view

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  1. Wow. That is insaneish looking. Your horses are saits. They look great as always.