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Monday, 20 January 2014


Saturday we gave the horses the day off and did a little touristy stuff. First we heading into Goldfield to see some of the cute little shops. Stopped at the bakery and had a apple wrap and a latte then hit some other stores. After that we heading into Apache Junction to do some laundry at the  "Superstistion Mountains laundry mat" (used to be called Pinkys) it is west of Fry's Grocery in the next mall. There is also a Ace Hardware there.

Goldfield main street 

Looking up the street at Goldfield

Believe it or not this is a salt water fish tank in Ace Hardware

We "Found Nemo"

Our Cat Duma watching the sun go down

Start of another perfect sunset. 

OK yes this is the real deal all I can say is WOW! 
So this was our easy day. Horses had a nice rest after doing the Peralta trail tomorrow it will be Bulldog Canyon. 

The sun rising over Superstition Mountains about 7am Sunday morning
Today Alan is picking us up in camp again and taking us to the parking lot North of us. You head up to the left of Goldfield toward Tortilla Flats just before you go up the hill once you past the first water turn off and the second parking lot you will see on the left a parking area. There are big rock formation right at the parking lot. This is the Bulldog canyon lot. 

You can not miss some of these rock formations if your looking for the parking lot

The trail is on rock most of the way
 The trail is a moderate trail not to extreme riding sand stone with a few small hills up and down. Beautiful scenery. 
Alan working his mule "Foxy" on a rock. Foxy is like no this doesn't feel too safe. 

I worked the same rock Hunter was will to put his feet on it and stand for a picture. 

Alan took a few good shots of Ron and I

I was looking for Barney and Fred but did not see them. LOL

This trail makes you feel like you are on a Flintstones film set. 

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the trail

Beautiful scenery from every point

Ron and Alan a head on the trail

Unbelievable rock formations.

We stopped for lunch and Alan took a picture of Hunter and I

Alan and Ron getting ready to hit the road again after a rest

We met up with another rider on the trail. Local Arizona resident Shelley with her two Foxtrotters

Saw some cool caves on the way back to the parking lot

Just before parking lot 
Another super ride in Arizona. Once back at camp Ron and I saw our friend Ernie was manning the trail today. Better know as "Hurry Up" on facebook. So it was time for the Canadian Rubberband bandits to get back to work.

The tourists on the trail just love being robbed LOL we are still missing our member Darrell Brown I know he is in AZ somewhere but has not shown his face yet.
We watch the trail go out of site as the sun started setting for another day in Paradise.

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