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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Headed to Catalina State Park

Ron shining up his truck for the drive south.

Leaving Goldfield Ghost Town. 

Stopped to gas up Generator at the gas station. We have lots of people staring at our rig LOL 

Bye Bye Superstition Mountain see you in a couple weeks :) 

We stopped at Easycare in Catalina before heading to camp

Met the great staff at Easy care and they fitted our horses with new boots

They make all sizes LOL "Thank you Nancy for helping us with sizing our boots". 

Arriving at Catalina State Park

First ride at Catalina 

Me and Hunter standing beside a huge cactus 

Lots of water in the creeks this time. 

Lots of hikers all over the hills 

The desert is starting to Bloom and they look like little pineapples here on this Barrel cactus.

Heading back to camp after a 6 hour ride

Sun starting to set over camp

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Our Last Train Robbery at Goldfield "The Canadian Rubberband Bandits"

Darrell Brown (Gang Leader) with Train Conductor "Hurry up" and other Leader Ron Stolp

Darrell Brown and Bailey going onto Action

Ron ready to make his move

And the "Canadian Rubberband Bandits" move in to action

Darrell, Ron and myself (Kelly)

That is me with the gun on that big Black and white Stallion "The Huntsman"

Phoebe and Stefanie going into action with their Dyn"O" Mite

Here are the Original 3 Amigo's Darrell, Ron and I

The whole gang

Ron and I

Dyn"O"mite !!

I would like to thank our photographers, Sherry, Greg, Ann , Pam and Ken :)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Our last days in Goldfield Ghost Town

This is Bad Bad Darrell Brown baddest man in the whole dam town. "Beware"

This mountain is a different colour every night. If you look carefully to the left you can see the full moon just raising.

Stef & Phoebe made us all dinner around the campfire

Last day riding at "Lost Dutchman State Park" 

Ron and I took Jacob's cross trail to the south

Just beautiful views around every corner

It was like a garden of Cactus

Your whole ride you look over the valley towards Phoenix

You can see the part of Superstition Mountain the call the "Ships Bow"

I would love to come back next month and take this trail once the desert starts blooming.