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Friday, 2 August 2013

Living and riding in the Nicole Valley

There was 13 of us on this ride Ron is taking the picture. I am in the middle on the B&W stallion 
I am just loving living here in the Nicole Valley. The are hundreds of places to ride but my favourite is still Lundbom Lake. We have had lots of friends come and camp at Lundbom. We drove over last month to visit with 2 couples from the US we know. When we got to camp we knew almost everyone there so we did a big ride with 13 of us. (Lucky 13 LOL)   Some of the pictures below we taken even earlier in the spring when we were camped there in May and June.

There was a lot of rain early in the spring so the wild flowers this year were amazing

Ron the trail boss 

Love this shot I took of our friend Randy from Washington riding through the wild flowers in the Lundbom grasslands 

The next few pictures are of the views looking down on the Nicole Lake

Another shot of our trail boss Ron Stolp

We found a new lake not far from camp

This picture was taken in May before the rains came and before the grass turned green and flowers bloomed

Lundbom Lake 

This is a ride we did from camp to the view of Corbett lake with Wally from Victoria

Yes the rains came

And the grasslands turned green 

This shot I took even made Global's facebook page in the weather window photos 

Love this shot of my friend Sharon with her horse Toby and little dog Teddy we are racing the Thunder clouds

And the blooming starts 

Looking throw the ears of my wild stallion towards Lundbom Lake