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Friday, 16 September 2016



Sorry I have not done a lot of Blogging in the past year. We have been very busy around our ranch and did not get away much this past year. We did how ever get away a few times this summer to some of our favorite spots and even some new ones. We also planning our winter get away to Arizona in January.

Lundbom Lake campsite and grasslands,

One of our very favorite horse camping sites. It is close to home and just beautiful in the late spring and early summer months. Beautiful breath taking grasslands with endless wild flowers everywhere. There are 9 campsites around the 28 newer piped corrals and all have views of the Lake. Yes I am talking about Lundbom Lake above Merritt BC. There are a total of 56 site along the lake but horse people are to stay to the west side where the horses are.

Make sure you bring your swim suit and a canoe or boat with a fishing pole. This lake is stocked with beautiful Rainbow Trout.

To find out more about Lundbom Lake visit my web site and visit

Our second trip this year was with some of my family so we loaded everything on the truck. Canoe, Side by side, and of course the horses.  We headed up towards Williams Lake then West on highway 20 towards the coast. First spot would be Wilderness Rim Resort on Nimpo Lake.  Tabby the owner let us put up a shock fence for our horses around the back of one of the cabins. Beautiful place with 5 log cabins over looking the lake and a huge lodge. Pictures below.

I felt like we could be half way to Arizona coming all the way here LOL. We drove about 5 hours from Williams Lake and we where kind of off the grind 10 minutes out of Williams Lake. No cell all the way through. Lets hope there are no break downs.

Truck loaded with everything LOL

One of the many cabins at Wilderness Rim Resort on Nimpo Lake

The Lodge

I would have loved to stay longer and really see this area but they were having thunderstorms every night. Not normal for this time of year so the mosquitoes where really bad. We where travel with friends and family and some of them wanted to find better weather so we head east towards first Eagle Lake as there was a forestry site favored by equestrians.  My Cousin's friend Peter was also told about a lake that was just stunning Tatlayoko Lake. So the next morning we would leave here before even having a ride.

Eagle Lake looked really nice lots of riding areas around the lake with good grasslands to hotwire or put corrals up. There where also trees to highline in. We did not end up staying but I took a bunch of pictures so you could see the campsite.

Eagle Lake

So we decide before camping here for a few days we would drive in a little farther and go see Tatlayoko Lake. Eagle lake was a nice campsite but we have driven 8 hours from home and would love to see the Chilcotin mountains. 

Tatlayoko Lake 
Looking across the lake at the mountains from the Forestry site on Tatlyoko Lake.
The forestry site was nice but kind of hard to get into with a big goose-neck trailer. We where worried it would break our sani tanks off because of the big dip into the site so we just back in off the road to a area in the trees. The other campers and trailers where able go get in.

Here is our campsite couldn't quite make it in to the full site

Horse had shelter under the trees
 It was just beautiful here. You could ride for an hour or for 10 days straight out into the mountains. This site is well used by Outfitters that come in from the other side of the Potato patch trail.

Trail Boss
I have to say I was a little disappointed in the outfitters they left hay and poop all over the site. Left there fire going and left garage in the fire. Needless to say it did bring the bears in that night.

After a short ride down the street you can get onto the beach and ride the lake shore. 

There is a river that flows into the lake you need to cross to get to the beach shore

This lake feels more like a ocean and the water is just beautiful clear & clean you can drink it. 

 Well were where here we also canoed and went out in our side by side 

My Cousin Rob out fishing and we did a little canoeing

After spending 5 days at Tatlayoko lake we decided to move on to another lake. 

Next spot Puntzi Lake off hwy 20 towards Williams lake

Horses liked there hotwire corral

Yes this lake has Pelicans

Our horses are water babies

For some reason this summer the weather has been just crazy. In this area it was thunderstorms every night and the bugs where bad. Managed to log on the the internet at the Lodge next door and see the weather in our area in Merritt was beautiful. So after only a week we headed home and to a new lake we had not camped at Called Davis Lake

Davis Lake

Lovely fishing and canoeing lake

Our campsite

This camp is more of a Side By Side ,ATV, dirt bike camp so lots of places to ride.

Dogs loved it here

Some of you know we travel with our cats. One is a Savannah part African Serval and the other one is a full African Serval. Born and raised in North America for about 50 years of domesticated breeding. Anyway Duma our Serval LOVES camping. Here she is out on her morning Hunt.

Last winter we did not go to Arizona but we did go back and forth from Merritt to the Coast with our cat Duma to do some film work. She did 3 scenes in a new series called "Zoo". You can see her in Season 2 episode 4 & 5 

She is also a local celebrity

Keep posted this winter for our trip south