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Wednesday, 26 March 2014


We left Apache Junction 3 days ago and headed north to Sedona. We took the Cottonwood /Camp Verde exit and headed into Cottonwood. Once in Cottonwood you take 89A to the right. I think it is a little over halfway between Cottonwood and Sedona there is a forest road called 525 you take this turn to the left. There are camping areas all up the road. We made the mistake of camping too close to a waterhole so the forest rangers had us move after 2 days. We headed in about 6 miles from the highway staying on the 525 forest road on the right we found a fabulous stop with views of the red rocks. Make sure you haul in your own water. 

We loved this first campsite but did not realize how close to the waterhole we were. 

Every morning the hot air balloons would fly over. 

Our first ride from the first camp site took us on the Lime Kiln Trail that connects Dead Horse State Park with Red Rock State Park

Above is a map of the whole trail we rode the pink part.

To get to the trailhead we rode to the start of forest rode 525 you will see a tunnel going under the highway on the right behind a wire cattle fence. 

The tunnel brings you out on the other side of the highway. 

Follow the trail up and through the campsite and parking lot on the other side of highway. PS you can also camp on this side. You will go through a narrow green gate.

Most of the trail follows a rode but we took one of the marked C trails that goes off the gravel road. 

This is one of the marked trails 

The Lime Kiln trail is marked with these wired rock coronas. 

This is the top of the trail before heading down to Red Rock State Park

Great shot of Randy Diefert on his horse knight over looking Red Rock State Park

The next day we moved up the road about 4 miles to a new campsite. 

This site is much closer to the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.

I took this picture when we were looking for another campsite. 

Took a short ride last night to see our surroundings from our new site. Peg Diefert got to ride Mary Alan's mule. 

We headed down a gravel road behind camp. The views of Sedona were beautiful.

We headed up to a view point above camp.

The trails was steep but easily do able with a horse or mule. 

Really cool when we got to the top. This area must have been a look out for the early native people. 

Unbelievable 360 degree views of the whole valley.

Looking back at our new campsite.

Peg and Mary

Ron walked up to have a look no more room on top for anymore equines LOL 

Another picture of the views through the ears of my horse

Great shot of me and Hunter

Peg and Mary

And back to camp. 

We had a super potluck for dinner, Meatloaf with biscuits thanks to Peg and Randy, Sharon made Garlic mashed potatoes, Linda did a salad and well I did dessert.  

Randy checking the Dutch oven to see if my Double Chocolate Cherry cake was ready. :) Yum

Another beautiful Arizona sunset. 

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  1. wow, beautiful. Want to take my granddaughter riding up there. No formal horse camps, huh?