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Monday, 23 December 2013



We are so looking forward to 2014. Plan on heading South the end of December (less then a week). Horses have had their blood pulled for their health and coggins, should get paperwork back this week. Trailer is almost packed up, our Semi Truck is tuned up and ready to roll.

Our Western Star was in the garage for 6 months and just started up like a star (LOL)

Getting ready for a trip is not all that easy. I have been planning a route for weeks. Making PDF printable files of places to stay along the way and Check lists for the truck and trailer. If you go to our facebook page click on files you will find lots of good printable info.

Our Gaits and home are all decorated for Christmas

If it wasn't for the Holiday season we would already be down south. I love spending the holidays with our sons. This will be our first christmas in Merritt and there is always snow to make you feel in the holiday spirit.

Even my old wagon wheel has lights around it 
Before heading out make sure your horses are in shape. If not maybe do easy rides for the first weeks down south. We try and get ours out even if there is snow.
Ron & Cimaron
Love this shot I took below last week out on the trail. Ron and Cimaron in the sunlight makes for a get shot.
I took this shot and sent in to Global TV and it was on of the top photos of the week
I will miss our young boys Tracker (HuntyaDown) and Tricker (Heza Hot Streaker) both born this year. We have a good friend staying with them well we are gone. Our friend that is the host at Lundbom Lake will be here until the campsite there opens in the spring. She is experienced with horses. All the other critters will be leaving with us.
Tricker & Tracker our up coming stallion prospects having fun in the snow. 
The young boys have lots of room to move around the property. Just love these guys too cute
Going to miss these little guys 
 Make sure you follow the blog I will be posted places to stay along the way as well as trails we have ridden. We have a facebook page as well as a web site 

Happy Trails