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Friday, 17 January 2014


Yesterday January 16th we took a friend Alan Gillman on one of our favourite rides to Cottonwood Springs. We can do this ride right from Camp here at Goldfield. You take the trails out to the right up the sand draw when you see the gated gravel road to the left  follow that gravel road that goes out of the sand draw to the left. You will ride out a little ways go through a fence line and then you see big blue shed you follow the trail to the left right after fence line until you see an old RV hookup out in the middle of nowhere LOL you will see a trail to your left just past that turn left at that trail. That trail will take you west up a hill with beautiful views. At the top you will see a trail leading to the right take that trail down. This trail will take you up and over the hills it is steep and rocky but unbelievable views of the whole valley. You will come to a gravel ATV road go to the right. Follow the trail and stay right at first cross street then left at second you will ride about a mile or so before you see old cattle corrals the spring is below that. 

This is the trail to the right you take once you have gone past the Big Blue shed

Coming down the trail to the right 

This is the ATV road you will come too

This is where the spring is just to the right of this picture is the spring

Love the plant life around the waterhole

Don't know if most of you know but the big black and white paint I ride is a stallion. (The Huntsman) I know it is hard to believe he is here, he is with to long eared girls. 

I just love this horse he is quiet for a gelding little lone a breeding stallion. He will take me up and down any trail I ask him. 

Lovely area to take a lunch break

Here is the spring

Love this shot of Ron at the spring

Alan on his mule "Foxy" leading Mary.

Alan took this picture of Ron and I 

Great shot of Alan with Foxy and Mary on the hillside

Coming back into Goldfield

The main street in Goldfield

Had dinner at the Mammoth Saloon

Views for the Patio at the Mammoth Saloon

I love this shot I took of Ron look at the reflection of the mountains in the window

Superstition Mountain at sunset view from our campsite

Another sunset in Paradise   

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