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Wednesday, 22 January 2014


The Bulldog mountain range is the mountain range that runs at the back of Goldfield. It runs all the way to Canon Lake with the Salt river running on the west side of it. The other day we trailered our horses to a parking lot farther down the road and rode some of that mountain range. Today we rode from camp. The trail from camp took us to the first part of this mountain range where you get views of Mesa and Apache Junction. We had our Friends Paul Fyfe and Shawneen Mahoney ride with us. They came for a week's visit. They winter at the Simpson Ranch in Wickenburg but also live only about 1 1/2 away from us in B.C. Shawneen's back has been not so good lately so instead of riding her Canadian Horse Juma (Whom maybe a little up) I let her ride Hunter my Paint stallion (The Huntsman). I got to ride Juma who I have to say was very nice to ride. Very smooth too :)

Paul riding his Anglo Arab mare that is almost 26 years old

Hunter loves to hang way back and walk slow LOL 

Resting half way up the hill but you can see the views behind of Superstition 

Last part of hill up. 

Hunter and Shawneen slowing moving up the hill but look a the view

The wind was a blowing but it was in the 70's 

Paul holding on to his hat so it doesn't fly all the way to Mesa

Too bad this picture was a little blurry cute shot of our boys looking at me and Juma

You can see all the way to Phoenix  

Coming back down the view point great shot with Superstition Mountains in the background

Up one more hill before heading back down to Goldfield

Almost down the hill 
 It is like a beautiful living desert garden out in the back of Goldfield. 

You know you are back at Goldfield when you come across the railway tracks

After the ride we took a walk in town
 This is an older picture I took of one of the gun fights they have on the weekends here. Lots of stuff to do in town. 

Last thing we all did before heading back to town we rode the train
 Thank you Ernie (Hurry Up)  for the train ride. Always very educational. If you get to Goldfield and Hurry Up is running the trail that day it is a must ride. He tells you a lot of history of the area in your 20 minute train ride. (PS make sure you tip the train conductor LOL) 

Another beautiful sunset from camp different every time. 

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