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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Back in British Columbia, Canada

We made in back to BC the beginning of May. Came back to Langley for a few days then headed up to visit family, our other horses and then head to our favourite place to camp in BC Lundbom Lake.

Leaving the lower mainland 

Going up over the Coquihalla mountain range

Made it to Lake country just outside Kelowna

In Kelowna

Beautiful lake views from everywhere

Crossing new floating bridge into the city of Kelowna

A great visit with family (Sam, Dean and Jordan)  and myself and Duma my Serval cat. 

The view from Sam's home 

Now heading to visit with Ron's dad in Cherryville following the lakes all the way

There is a reason they call this lake country. I would love this place right on the lake horses in the fields LOL 

At Ron's dad place the horses had a field to get out in.

This is Turning point ranch in Pritchard BC where are mares are boarded.
You can't miss our horses they are the coloured ones

One the way up to Lundbom from Merritt. To get to Lundbom Grasslands you take the Kelowna connector and drive up just over 8.9km you will see the turn off on the left. Don't take the higher grave road go to the left on the lower road and drive in 3km you will pass 2 lakes before coming to Lundbom Lake.

The clouds were just leaving as we pulled in 
In the morning the last of the clouds left  Lundbom Lake 
Our campsite at Lundbom with beautiful blue skys

This lake is just so blue and tropical looking great fishing too

Here are some of the corrals 

First ride out beautiful day almost like an August day hard to believe there was snow here a few days ago

Love these grasslands

Going past Hamilton lake 

Another picture of Ron and Cimaron at Hamilton lake

We found a new lake to ride around 

Ron checking out the lake for fish 

Heading back from our first ride

Hard to get sick of this view of Lundbom Lake 

View from Campsite of the lake 

The fishing was good this week as it was the first week without ice on the lake

Next ride out over looking Hamilton lake 

Did a view ride over looking Hwy heading to Kamloops you can see the alfalfa fields starting to grow below

Riding around the back of Sugarloaf mountain

Great views over looking the city of Merritt

Looking down on the lakes below Lundbom in the background and Hamilton below

Just rolling grasslands as far as the eye can see

Back at camp Duma finds some old and new friends 

Kenya our Savannah cat patrols the campsite. 

Our dogs Sidney the 13 year old Aussie and Sammy our 10 year old Jack Russell having fun in camp