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Friday, 5 April 2013

Coyote Hollow Equestrian Park and Trail Head Utah

Camping in the "Dixie National Forest" area of Utah is just amazing! We were lucking enough to hear about this campsite through some Arizona friends. Thank you Linda :) It is a little tough to find but if you are going North on Hwy 89 towards Bryce Canyon head to Hwy 12 turn east on Hwy 12 as you go by Red Canyon area you will pass the info centre on left and a campsite on your right keep going up past all the red rock area through both of the red rock tunnels until you get up on the flatter plaque there is a ATV paved parking lot on the right side this will be the first right on the top of the hill Forest Road 113 (you will not see the sign until you pull in for the 113)  go through parking area with the pit toilet and head west on the gravel road. The road goes for about 1/2 mile then it bends back to the SE you will see the sign (picture below) saying Coyote Hollow Equestrian Park. There are 4 good campsites with hitching rails. You can set up corrals. Each campsite has a picnic table, fire-pit and BBQ on a concrete slab. All sites are gravelled. To get to the trail head just ride the gravel road about 1/2 a mile you will go past the first trail head that is for hikers they have some brochures there about the plant life. Then head to the end of gravel road you will see a big turn around and the trail head. 

Campsite is less then a mile from Hwy 12 down Forest road 113

Camping sites are $8 a night on the honour system there is no camp host. Fee help maintain this great site so please honour the system. 

As you can see if our rigs fits here anyone can LOL 

Our nose was sticking out a bit 

Nice gravel sites 

A very clean pit toilet 

Around the campsite is all beautiful tall pine trees 

To get to trailhead just ride the road about 1/2 mile 

This first trailhead is not the horse one. 

The second trails head has a big round about and hitching rails on one site and the trail head on the other with the sign Thunder Mountain. 

If you have ever been to Disneyland you will already know a little about Thunder Mountain. The Thunder mountain ride at Disneyland was a copy of this mountain "Cool Hah" :) 

Big turn around if you decide to trailer up here. 
Here is Map of all the areas to ride you could be here for a month and never ride the same trail 

The first part of the trail is kind of boring compared to the last part

You ride up and down the valleys for about 1 hour 

You will arrive a resting area with hitching rails this is when the trail gets real interesting just past here. 

You come around the corner from the resting area to this view

It is just magical here

The trails are nice footing some rocks but mostly a red sand

Million dollar view 

Just so cool. Here is Ron and Cimaron they rode ahead so I could get a picture of them in the hoodoos. 

Hunter and I at one of the first Hoodoos on the trail

Ron took this shot with his Go-Pro Camera

Put the timer on the Go-Pro to get this shot of both of us. 

You have this view for about 2 1/2 hours of your ride unbelievable

Another cool shot with the Go-Pro Camera

Yes it gets a little edgy thank god I have gotten over some of my fear of heights.  

Look at this trail edgy on both sides 

Fisheye view from above the horse with the Go-Pro Camera 

Coming down the switchbacks 

There I am below on a switchback 

On the bottom of the Red Canyon 

Hoodoos every where

Almost to the other trail head the way home will be mostly paved biking roads 

Back on Hwy 12 we have about a 5 mile ride up to camp home. Round trip it took us just over 6 hours

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  1. Great pictures, thanks for posting. Now I have to see this place, too.


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  3. Loved the pictures! When I visited that area some yrs ago I was so surprised at how beautiful rocks can be! Have not ridden my horse there that would be really great!

  4. Absolutely AMAZING pictures..... I love Bryce Canyon sooooo much, we named our son after it! Planning a "Bucket List" horse camping trip for this upcoming Oct. 2014... And, thanks to your pictures and blog, I'm even more excited now.... Thank you for taking the time to do such a wonderful tribute to one of the most magical places in the WORLD!