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Friday, 10 January 2014



Picket post is just before Superior AZ in Tonto National Forest. If you head east on Hwy 60 coming out of Apache Junction just before Superior you will see first a "Forest fire alert" sign the right lane will end and you will see the brown trail head sign for "Picket Post" turn right. You will then drive in until you come to the "T", at the "T" you turn left drive just up a little ways and you will see an area that even the biggest trailers can pull in and park on the left side. 

Holy smoking cactus batman I think we are close to Picket Post

Picket Post Mountain

Our campsite

Our campsite with a view of Picket Post mountain

Sitting around the campfire with good friends
We saddled up and left at 9:30am it is going to be a long day the trail that Susi has picked to guide us through is 17miles long.  

Ron and Susi on American Paint horses

Some of the switch backs on the trail as we climb the moutains

The Polh's from Alberta on their beautiful QH/Draft crosses

View point

OK my bum is sore. 9:30am until 4:30pm 17 miles later but want a beautiful trail. Heading out again tomorrow the other direction. 


  1. Hubby and I get SO much enjoyment out of following your blog, complete with checking out maps of your route. It's so much fun to read about and see the pics of your adventures... dreaming of the day we can do a similar trip. Can't wait to read what you do next!

  2. Beautiful Scenery, Beautiful Horses, great people…. What could possibly be better? Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  3. Love to share thank you for following. Oh and Randy see you soon