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Friday, 30 January 2015


If you really like scenic and love to live on the edge this trail could be for you. 

This trail is in the Usery Pass Mountain park on the Usery Pass road. It is west of the Superstion mountains in Apache Junction AZ. Heading from say Goldfield AZ on highway 88 take Lost Dutchman Rd right (West) it will turn into Brown Rd. Then you take a right on N Ellsworth Rd just before you get to 202. Ellsworth will turn into Usery Pass Rd you will see the park just on the right pass the Usery Pass gun range. 

It is $5 a day to park and ride. 

Pass Mountain trail to me is a advanced trail. I would give parts of the trail a 9 out of 10 for difficulty. Going clockwise is you best bet. I would rather ride up a steep difficult trail then ride down it on a edge. 
We rode to the right (clockwise) heading to the right out on the trail.  You start out going down a little then on the flat then the trail starts to climb. Beautiful views like of the whole valley and over to Superstition Mountain. 

This is a tuff 7.1 mile trail but beautiful. 

The trail starts out nice and easy but does not stay that way for long. 

The trail takes you towards the Superstition mountains. 

The trail slowly starts to climb. 

There is lots of hikers. 

Some narrow passes but no problem fitting through.

As the trail climbs up the mountain the views get better and better. 

Looking back at the narrow trail. 

More views right over Mesa to Chandler. 

The last bit of the trail before the "saddle back" it is rocky and steep but you are best to ride up it don't get off to walk it.  

Looking back down at the twisty steep trail below. 

Peg and her mule Rita just about at the saddle back. 

This last trail before the saddle back is a little scary but just breath and let your animal find his/her footing. 

Looking back at the trail we just came along at the saddle back. Yes all our animals were very good. Lucky no one was coming the other way :) 

We are about 1/2 way now. Lunch time for us and rest time for out mules and horses. 

I tied Hunter to a rock LOL

Lots of hikers taking pictures of us. Ron way up above on the rock. 

Heading to the side of Pass Mountain. 

Beautiful views the whole way. 

Alan and Foxy

The trail gets a little narrow and uneven it can be a little unnerving but we all did well. 

The views on this side of the mountain are towards Coon Bluff and the Salt River. 

Over looking the valley towards Saguaro Lake 

The wind picked up a little. 

Alan and Foxy over looking the Phoenix area 

Heading down the trail towards the parking area

What a super ride. 

Another great day and super sunset. 


  1. We went over that trail about two years ago and appear to have gone the same direction as you but over in Alberta we call that anti-clockwise. Guess that is just another of those inexplicable differences between BC and Alberta.

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