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Thursday, 22 January 2015


We took a trailer ride from Goldfield over to the Bush Highway on the other side of the Bulldog mountains. There are a few trail heads over that way some by the Salt river and Saguaro Lake if you turn right on the Bush highway coming off of Usery Pass road. If you turn left you will see the trail head to Coon's Bluff the parking lot at the end at Coon's Bluff does not allow horses but you will see a dirt trail head on the left and right coming in the one on the left has more room for rigs. 
Below is a picture of the horse trailer parking lot at Coon bluff. 

There are trails in every direction. 

We headed out the back of the parking lot and followed a sand draw then saw a trail sign going right up the bluff behind the parking lot. 

The trail I believe was marked with "A" it took you way up over looking the whole valley below on both sides. 

You head straight towards Red mountain with incredible views. 

We saw a group of what we thought were hikers or climbers gathered above Coon Bluff. 

We watched police, Ambulance and fire trucks come into the trail head then the Choppers came by but left right away. It must be something real bad. We continued on the trail after watching for a while. 

We continued along the top trail as far as it could take us. 

Except for all the commotion down below this was such a lovely ride. 

There were 2 bald eagles on the rocks above us also watching the commotion below. 

At the top there was a "Y" in the trail one trail headed to the river the other more towards Red mountain. We took the trail to the river. Maybe we could find out what was going on below. 

We rode right below Coon Bluff and we almost were the police and Ambulance was but the police turned us around. Now we had to find a way out because we could not go through the park so we kind of bush whacked up the river. 

We finally found the trail out and got back to the trailer. 

Later that night I google Coon Bluff on the news and this is what had happened well we were there. 

 Ron knew when the chopper turned around it had to be something bad because a chopper does not turn around at the scene of an accident. Here is the whole news story 

So tragic and so sad. 

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