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Friday, 9 January 2015


We decided we would ride from Goldfield Arizona back to the Salt River area again but this time the other way. Ron took the truck and trailer to a trail head over on the other side of the Goldfield mountains not far from the Usery Park. We would ride the trail from Goldfield through the Goldfield mountains to the other side where you can either ride down to the Salt River or go up to the Usery trail head. The ride is around 4 to 5 hours and about 15 miles. 

There were 4 of us on this ride. Suzi on her American Paint horse gelding, Alan on his molly mule, Ron and I on our Paint horses. We headed up through the sand draw to a trail that would head towards the Goldfield mountains. 

It was a beautiful day. 

You can see the Goldfield Mountains up ahead. 

We took the easiest route through. 

This is a beautiful trail through the mountain it is like a garden of cactus. 

We head all the way to a sand draw that will take us to the other side. There is also a gravel road and power line you can follow. 

This is the sand draw you can ride all the way through to the other side. This is not the easy route you have to have good horses or mules to go down the draw there are a few areas that you need to jump down off big rocks.  We had no issues but a green horse or rider may so you may want to say on the gravel road. 

The picture above shows some of the rocky trail.  

Yes the draw does get rocky. 

Once you come out of the sand draw you hit another one. To the right will take you to the salt river to the left you can go up to another trail head parking lot. That lot is where the truck and trailer was parked so we headed left. You go through a beautiful canyon. There are lots of ATV's so the footing is good not deep sand. 

We told Alan this is where we find out if the horse is faster then a mule LOL Ron and I picked up the canter and before you knew it we were racing side by side at top speed. My GPS clocked me at 31.5 mph (below). Suzi and Alan stayed at a nice canter speed of 14mph LOL 

That is flying. Oh by the way Easy boot gloves come apart at this speed but the Renegrade boots where good to go. :) 

We rode into the sun as it started to set. 

Looking back at the valley we just rode through. 

Back at the trailer ready to head back to camp. 


  1. Nice ride, Thanks for Sharing the Experience with all of us!

  2. You will be doing this one too Randy. Hope your mule is FAST!!

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