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Thursday, 22 January 2015


So we are always looking for new adventures and trails in this area.

Lost dog trail head in the McDowell Sonoran preserve trail system  

There was a lot of thought that went into these trail heads. The continue all the way through Scottsdale all the way up to Cave Creek. 

There is a staging area for horses with a covered picnic table water trough and hitching rails. 

They even have restrooms and an Amphitheatre. 

Nice scenic trails a little rocky but easy enough for any rider. 

This is the view over looking West World and parts of Scottsdale. 

Hunter looking over at West World

You can see West World almost in the middle here. 

The second part of the trail was rocky but less busy with hikers and bikers. 

More views 

Here is the loop we did at Lost Dog trail head in the McDowell Sonoran preserve trail system  

Got home in time to get all the smaller animals out so they could watch the sunset. 

Duma says' She loves the sun' .

Sunsetting at camp. 

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