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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


We were looking for new trails so stopped at 3 trailheads just before Canyon Lake in the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, to see how far they went in. The first one followed power lines above Canyon Lake. Incredible views but it was only one mile round trip. 

The map above is high 88 or better know as Apache Trail. Just before we got to Canyon lake North of Apache Junction Arizona, we try all three of these trail heads. 

The first trail was of course the most scenic. 

This first trail over looked the lake. 

Ron and Alan went as far as they could over looking the lagoon from the lake. 

Below you can see the bridge over the lagoon coming from the lake. The trail was only 1/2 mile in so 1 mile round trip. 

The second trail lead to this dead end and canyon. This trail was less then a mile round trip. 

Our third trail was a little more promising it lead down to the sand draw and we were hoping to make it to the Salt River. We got so far and turned around then tried another route. It was just over 3 miles in total. 

It was a steep rocky trail down. Not a beginners ride. A lot of kind of bush sacking. 

I believe this is more of a hiking trail and it goes up to the peeks you see in the left. 

We went as far down the draw as we could but it became unpassible. 

We then tried the hiking trail to the 2 peeks in front. 

We turned around as it was getting later and the trail was kind of fading. 

Tomorrow we will ride Bull Dog canyon trail head that is just before these 3 trail heads.

The next day we trailered a couple miles up the road towards Canyon lake. We go by first water trail head and the Weavers Needle lookout parking lot on the right. On the left before going to far up the hill you will see the Bull Dog parking lot.

This is one of my favourite trails. Going through the Bulldog mountain range in the Superstition mountain area. 

The horse gait coming through is a little challenging. Alan made it through with out lifting his feet but Ron and I have wider horses so had to lift LOL 

You can take this trail a few different ways. We took the ATV rode to the right once we got to the bottom and followed the ATV rode until you get to the main sand draw. 

This is the first time I have ever seen a Tarantula in Arizona. He was moving very slowly across the sand. He as the size of my iPhone LOL

I love the rock colours in this Canyon Pink with a lime green tint. 

We headed down the sand draw to an area we often have lunch at. 

Very scenic all the way through. 

This is our lunch spot but the guys think they can go in farther so I marked it on the GPS and followed them in. 

It gets real rocky we had to get off and lead the horses/mules in. 

Crazy that is was unpassible on a horse but there was tire tracks all the way through

Heading back out I let my horse go and find his own way out. 

Foxy took the high road and we almost thought she was going to jump off the big end but she figured it out. 

We got back on them once the worst of the trail was behind us. 

So just as a note do not try and go up the canyon by my lunch spot LOL 

Heading back down the draw there are a couple trails off to the right marked with rocks keep an eye out. Both trails will lead you back to the parking lot. 

This is a very scenic trail and is a fairly easy ride.  

Looking up the trail 

The last bit of the trail can get a little rocky coming down. 

Almost back at the parking lot had to get a picture with the low light as the sun was going down. Alan on Foxy his dog Pinky is in the middle but kind of blends into the rocks. Ron and Cimaron on the other side. 

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