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Tuesday, 13 January 2015


We trailer over to Peralta trail head. There are lots of different rides to take from easy to almost impossible unless you have a mule or a willing horse. The trail we are taking today is easy. There is a little bit of an edge going out but the trail is really good and the views are incredible.

The Peralta trail head is over on the other side of the Superstition mountains from Goldfield. Take the 88 to the old west highway all the way out to highway 60 heading towards Globe. You will see the Peralta trail head just past Gold Canyon on the left. The road goes in about 7 miles most of it is dirt roads. There is a horse staging area before the main trail head on the left. It will say trailers and buses. 

Above is the loop we did. We took the 104 (Dutchman trail) out and once we got over the top of the hill side we too a trail to the right down towards the ranch below. You will see horse tracks and there is a gait to go through to get into the cattle area. Close gait after there are cattle there. We rode to a gravel road to there water system and watered the horses. There is a gait that gets you back into the park close to the water hole. 

Hunter my wild stallion gets a little kiss from Foxy Alan's molly mule before we hit the trail. 

Riding up the road to the trail head this is my side view. 

There are information signs and a trail map to look at at the trail head. It is a good idea to take a GPS or a hard copy of the map of the Superstitions. 

The trails are well marked and easy to find. 

Looking back down at the trailhead. 

The trail to the right is once you get to the bottom of the hill going out. We took it so we would have a loop instead of going out a couple hours then back again. 

This is the ranch road to the water hole

The water hole is power by solar

Water hole area

Back into the park area.

This is a very scenic valley 

Alan checking the map for options. We got to a cross trail and took a trail to the left back towards the 104 trail that we would be taking back to the trail head to the left as well. 

I think there are more Saguaro's here then any where else. :) 

The cross trail is #108 it will take you back to the #104. Make sure you go left both times or you could be out there all night LOL (That is if you are coming from the ranch) 

Back on the 104 Dutchman trail for the way back to the trail head

The sun was starting to go down

Back safe and sound 

 Here is the staging area there is even a hitching rail.

Foxy giving Hunter another little kiss.
She  is such a cute mule.


  1. Looks like a wonderful way to spend the day!


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