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Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Well believe it or not it does rain in Arizona but it doesn't happen very often. Busy week here in Arizona with the 2015 Super Bowl Feb 1st and the town is full of people from all over the world. 

My son was lucky enough to get tickets and was arriving with his Dad Steve on Friday evening from LA as it was way to expensive now to fly to Arizona just because of Super Bowl prices from Bellingham went from $180 round trip to $1800...

My son Skylar arrived friday evening and it of course was still raining. The next day was a little better. 

We took a drive in the rain to see what the sand draws we normally ride in looked like. 

When Steve and Skylar arrived they both took Ron and I out for dinner in Scottsdale to a really nice Mexican restaurant called Los Sombreros

Steve and Skylar with Super Bowl tickets in hand. :) 

I had a crab salad yum yum (pictured above) 

You can go to the web site at 

Skylar and Steve enjoying the scenery too bad for the clouds but at least the rain has stopped. 

I took them up to Goldfield to see the town. 

I sure wish Skylar had more time to visit but both Steve and Skylar run a paving business (Called S&S Paving)  in Vancouver and only could take so many days to come to the Super Bowl. 

The guys at Goldfield

Hanging at high noon in Goldfield. 

They didn't hang them they just put them in jail LOL

After Skylar and Steve left for the day to do see some of the Super Bowl events we took a drive up the Apache Trail to Tortilla Flats and all the way to Roosevelt Lake. 

Pictures above all taken at Tortilla Flats 

A heart shaped Pear Cactus 

The Apache trail very narrow you would not want to do this drive with any long trailers LOL 

Looking down below to the Apache Trail highway .... Above and below..

This is a very scenic drive. 

This is Apache Lake that goes for a long time before you hit the dam and Roosevelt Lake

We ate rib eye steaks cooked by Skylar as we watched a beautiful sunset... No more rain for a while...

The next day Steve and Skylar left early to get to the Super bowl and we all headed to the Hitching Rail to watch the game. Very good game but sorry for Seattle's loss :( 

My favourite part was the commercials 

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