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Thursday, 29 January 2015


This is about our 4th ride this year at Saguaro Lake, & the Salt River. It is a beautiful area just on the other side of the mountains from the Superstition mountains. If you are heading from Hwy 88 over by the Superstitions you would take Lost Dutchman road to the right (West) it turns into Brown road. Make a right on N Ellsworth just before the 202 hwy it turns into Usery Pass then you make a right on the Bush hwy just before the turn off the Saguaro Ranch you will see a parking lot on the right. The horse staging area is right into the parking lot then a sharp left you will see a gravel area you can park horse trailers. You must have a Tonto Forest pass to park and ride. 

Trail out above the main parking lot. 

We took the trail to the west of the parking lot and crossed the Bush highway. The trail has beautiful sand footing. 

You go a few miles before hitting the Salt River again. 

Once on the river there is a narrow trail that follows the river. It is a little edgy at times. 

Beautiful view of the Salt River. 

Great shot of the cliff sides. 

Here is a shot of the trail through the ears of my horse.

Once you get down of the trail you will hit a nice sandy beach on the river. 

Ron and Randy. Ron is trying to see if Miss Kitty is at all spooky of his hat. "Not".

From the beach you head up the sand draw.

Peg and Randy with there mules but the coolest Saguaro Cactus 

We found this cool old mine

Trying a little Rock climbing with Miss Kitty. 

Miss Kitty with Peg......"I know you have cookies Peg"

Hunter watching Alan and Foxy do a little rock climbing

Now both Ron and Alan are up there. 

The rock formations are so cool in this area. 

Way up over looking the lake. 

Alan and Miss Foxy over looking the valley below. 

Thought the ears over looking Saguaro Lake. 

Looking below at the trail. 

OK I forgot to mention I ride with a bunch of "Asses" LOL 

Going past Saguaro Lake Ranch 

Back a trail head. Another great ride. 

Map of our ride.

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