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Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Our last ride of the year was on the 30th of December. It was a beautiful sunny day. It is hard to believe the weather is going to change to rain and get really cold. 

So we trailer over to Saguro Lake for a ride. Love this area. Not far from Goldfield. I tied Hunter to the dumpster so I could hit the restroom before hitting the trails. 

The trail out of the parking lot takes you along the Salt River. Then you can either to stay up the road pass Saguaro Lake Ranch or you can turn left into the sand draw and through the tunnel that goes under the highway. We go the more scenic route towards the ranch. 

You ride by this beautiful Guest ranch called Saguaro Lake Ranch 

You head up past the ranch and before you get to the dam you will see a trail going up to left above the lake. 

The views are beautiful. The trail twist and turns until it gets above the lake.  

Over looking the Marina at Saguaro Lake 

We had a new friend come riding with us Terri as well as Alan Gilman. 

Alan and his molly mule "Foxy" are always testing their Rock climbing skills. This was taken in the sand draw once we crossed the highway. Make sure you follow the paths with the most horse tracks going across the highway. 

Once you cross the highway on the trail you follow the trail to the left you will go up a hill and see a V in the trail the trail to the left takes you back to the parking lot, through the big tunnel, the trail to the right will take you down a sand draw where you will ride for about 1/2 hour until you go back to the river.  

We took the trail to the right for the big loop to the river.

Leaving the river you ride to the left up a rocky bank to a narrow pass to a narrow gravely trail along the river. 

Lots of water to water your horses. This is always a great place to stop for lunch. 

There are areas to tie up you horses. He is my wild stallion "The Huntsman". 

This is the narrow trail leading up from the sand draw at the river. 

It is a very scenic trail. 

Once you get off the river you will follow a nice sandy trail through the park to the left this trail will take you all the way to the highway crossing. Then back to the parking lot.

New Years Eve the rains started.

We went for dinner at Cowboy Up a steak house I found was a little pricy for what I thought was just a Saloon not a high end diner. Anyway we still had fun. Drove home around 10:30 in the snow. OMG

January 1st we woke up to snow on our cars. 

 There was snow all over the Superstitions

The weather did not stop us we still packed up the horses and trailer over to Coon Bluff for a ride. 

Before you go through the salt river you ride through some interesting trees. 

Arizona Cowboy Polar bear swim. 

Alan letting Foxy have a drink. 

Going through a cactus garden 

There are lots of wild horses in this area. 

More wild horses. 

Gorgeous picture of the Superstition mountain with some white stuff on them.  

Suzi's camp site for the night with the snow on the mountains 

Next days ride would take us up and over the Goldfield Mountains then back down and over to Cottonwood Springs

We had 8 of us from camp on this ride. 

Suzi and I both posed on this rock for pictures. 

Me looking down at the rest of the riders from the rock. No one else but Suzi and Alan wanted to climb up. 

Ron going up to the Mesa View point. 

Heading to Cottonsprings. 

I tied Hunter to a tree on the rock face. We had lunch before riding back to Goldfield. 

Heading back towards the Superstition mountains. 

11 miles from Goldfield to Goldfield mountains then out to Cottonwood springs. 

Once back at camp we meet up with a couple from Grand Forks BC that had been following my Blog. We all went for dinner at the Miner Camp Restaurant.  

Great night with a full moon over the Restaurant.

Tomorrow we hit the trails again. Riding from Camp to the other side of the Goldfield and Bulldog mountains towards the Bush Highway by the Salt river. 

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