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Monday, 29 December 2014


This was not a planned ride to go right through the Superstitions. We started out our ride heading out of the 1st water Trailhead where we had trailered to from Goldfield. Our planned ride was to get as close to Weaver's Needle in the Superstition Mountains as we could. After a couple hours Ron's horse got a little sore and tired from the 12 mile ride we did the day before so he decided he would he turn around and go back to the 1st water trailhead and trailer his horse home. We decide to go on. We would call him when we need to be picked up. So the 3 of us Alan Gilman, myself and Suzi Shawl went on. Lucky enough Alan has a Satellite phone with him just in case. We decided we would try making it all the way through the mountain in one go. We where not thinking real clear and had no idea what we got our selves into. First of all we didn't get started riding the trail until 11:30am and little did we know the trail was just short of 20 miles. That would be about an 8 hour ride and it gets dark early this time of year.  This means it is going to be well after dark when we get to the Peralta Trail head. Oh well at this point we have no idea it was not until we meet a few hiker well into the trip that we found we have another 7 miles to go and it was already 4:30 "Oh my Hell" Alan would say......

We matched on or should I say trotted on when we could. Our main worry was that big canyon trail leading to the bottom before Peralta this trail had a long edgy ledge all the way down to the valley below.
Last year and it was scary then so with all the rain this summer some of the trail could be even worse.    None of us wanted to do that trail in the dark. 

The start of our 8 hour trip right through the Superstitions with Alan leading the way. The weather is beautiful not to hot not too cold.

The scenery is just beautiful all the way through. 

It is a rocky trail a lot of the way

Ron's horse was still very tired for his ride yesterday so was a way's behind 

Looking down at the rock trail 

Every corner you turn there is new rock formations everywhere.

Suzi and Ron taking up the rear as Alan leads on. 

You can just start to see Weavers Needle.

A little break after 5 miles. Thinking we were most likely half way Ron is turning back and we have decide to March on........Little did we know we had another 15 miles...

The scenery was too good to turn around now. 

Suzi took over as our fearless leader...

We stopped for a little break.

Weaver's Needle was getting closer got this good picture of Alan and Suzi. 

Look at this rock formation it looks like building blocks.

Big Blue sky's and lovely scenery made us go forward..

The sun was starting to go down and the clouds were starting to cover the sky's but we were way to far in to turn around now. 

Then we go up to this scenic trail that is like a desert garden and you could look all the way down he valley towards Canyon lake. You could not see the lake but you could see the mountains the shadowed it. 

Pictures really don't do this country justice it is just beautiful.

We finally arrive at Weaver's Needle great shot Alan took of Suzi and I. 

Well Alan takes our picture I take his. 

On we go past Weaver's needle we couldn't be far now ????.......really!

New scenery around every corner. We were all in Haw....

Through canyons and over mountains we moved forward. 

Look at the scenery :) 

I had to take as many pictures as I could. Who knows if I will ever be this far into the Superstitions again. 

We finally ran into some hikers that told us we had about another 7 to 8 miles......really it is 4:30 so we trotted when ever we could to get to where the ledgy canyon is ...

This was an interesting area.  It was like a tunnel through the trees..

OMG we were so happy to get to this point. This is the ledgy trail that takes us to the bottom of the valley. We did not want to take it in the dark...

The sun was setting as we headed down the mountain. So I put my jacket with reflectors on. It was also starting to get a little cool. 

Love this picture of Suzi with the bright colours on the mountains from the sun setting 

The far mountains were getting brighter as we descended in the valley below. 

This picture is a little bleary but look a the far mountains...

Has we rode the last of the edgy ledgy trail we looked across the canyon to this sunset. The blury shot was not the camera, it was me shaking. I got the nerve to take my camera out of my pocket on the ledgy edgy trail to try and get a few shots. OMG this was worth the trip right here to see the sunset over this beautiful mountain they call the Superstitions. 

Once on the bottom we were in darkness. 

Thank god for my reflective coat and Suzi's flash light and of course Alan's Satellite phone we were able to call Ron for a ride. 

It was a Bucket List ride....
Thank you Suzi , Alan, and Ron for making a ride like this possible. 

20 miles, average speed 2.3mph and about 8 hours.

Oh just a word of caution if you ride with us bring a warm coat, flash light, and enough snacks for a long ride. 

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