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Monday, 1 December 2014


We left our friend Alan Gilman's place in Alpine Utah to meet up with our Canadian neighbour's that own "Hidden Valley Rustic Horse Camp" in Merritt. They had made it to the Walmart parking lot near where we where staying. 
Our plans for the day were to go and see one of the worlds wonders. "Bryce Canyon".

We meet up with our friends at Flying J just South of Salt Lake City and hit the road for Bryce. 

Now those of you that followed my blog last year, remember our blow out in the highway just before Tuscon Arizona. I don't know how much I have to stress your tires must be in good shape. Tire even with good tread can blow if the tires have sat for any length of time. Thank god when we  travel with others we have walkie talkies.  
Clint yells into the walkie talkie "S---- I think I just blow a tire on the trailer....".

Yes it happened again. So an hour break to fix the brake wires and replace the tire before heading to Bryce.

Ron and Clint have to re-hookup the brake wires before replacing the tire.

This is what is left of the tire. 

Thank god we had lots of room to get off the manage highway 

Sammy said lets get this show on the road we are not far enough south for his liking's. If his feet could only reach the peddles. :) 

Not far from Bryce the landscape starts to change. 

The we hit Red Canyon and it is time to stop and let the kids see the wonders of these rocks

Bryce Canyon 

Ron on lookout

Don't get any closer to the edge 

The kids were in wonder

This big 4 point buck did not care about us on the trail

OK you horse people that want to ride Bryce here is the trail map

Below is part of the Peek-A-Boo trail for horses

More of the horse trail

This picture you can see the Peek-A-Boo trail as it goes along the edge

Another view of the horse trail below. Here is a link to all the info you need to know to ride here. One of my earlier blogs

Ron and some of the kids at the end of the look out 

Here is our view for the Rodeo grounds this morning -Dec 1st 2014

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  1. I have a Pressure Pro system on my truck and trailer. It gives me some warning that a tire is losing pressure, before it becomes critical. Might be just coincidence but since I put it on I have not had any blowouts, and have managed to get stopped and pulled over before the tires went entirely flat.

  2. Thanks John Ron wanted one of those for last Christmas I guess I should have gotten him one. This time it was not us. All new tires on ours but I think we should still get one.


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