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Tuesday, 9 December 2014


After leaving St George Utah we had planned on going to Las Vegas for Cowboy Christmas. I had been invited to stay at Terri & Charlie Oliver home an hour out of Vegas but was a little leery about pulling in with our convey. Terri and Charlie did not mind. Their beautiful home is right in Overton over looking the Valley of Fire. 
I had never meet either Teri or Charlie before but they had been following my blog and web site now for a few years. They both welcomed us with open arms. Teri had sent me more then one email inviting us to come and visit.


Here was the view we had from Charlie and Teri place. Our horses had a nice big paddock with a view. 

To go into ride you need to pay the fee. You can ride anywhere in the park but can not camp in the park with horses. We came in from the east side of the park. Found a parking spot not far from trailhead big enough for 2 horse trailers. 

The trail below we rode is not really a marked trail I call it the Charlie trail because without Teri or Charlie you would never find it. :) 

This is a pretty amazing area. 

How is this for a view??

Ron and Cimaron enjoying the view. 

There is a sand draw at the bottom of the trail we rode. 

In to the sun

Can you believe these Rock formations?

Alan and Foxy always pushing themselves to find the perfect place for a picture. 

Alan , Charlie and Ron high above on a red rock. 

Alan and Foxy with their action shots above and below. 

Only picture of me and Hunter through an arch. 

Cool trail back. 

The next day we headed into Vegas to go to the Cowboy Christmas Trade shows. 

You got to love Vegas.....

Driving the strip...

I "Loved" this hat but it was almost $300 so I took a picture. Will have Ron help me make my own. Would be a great hat for "Western Dressage". 

Happy Trails to you until we meet again ... they have everything here in Vegas. 

We plan on redoing our LQ trailer in the next year or so. Had to go in and see some of the high end ones to get some ideas. 
I would have to say I think a women designed these ones because they were all bathrooms and little of no living areas. The kitchen was about 2 feet long and the bathrooms were half the trailer and a little over the top. 

Randy this one is for you above .....You know who you are :) 

Walking the crazy strip and night. 

OK we have had enough. I got my pair of Twisted X boots so I am happy :) 

Time to drive back to Teri and Charlie's place. They had been left with all 5 of the Mack kids for the day. They were going to take them quadding. 

Last day in Vegas we headed out on another ride into "The Valley of Fire". 

There are a few way into the Valley of fire. The areas I have circled you can can camp with horses. The Logandale trails you can take in ATV's as well as horses. You can come into the park from I-15 or from Overton. No camping in the campsite for horses just on the BLM lands in the out skirts. 

You can not park at any of the trailheads look for a gravel pull out. There are a few going through the park. 

We took 4 horses and 2 mules to the Valley of Fire. Cathy and Joe were going to come and ride the mules thanks to Charlie and Terri. The rest of the Mack kids would be hiking the Valley of Fire with Dad (Clint) and would catch up with us for lunch. Charlie dropped them off first at the hikers trailhead then came back and met up with us. 

We headed out towards the hiking trails 

A head is the parking lot for the hikers. 

Want a view

We meet up with the rest of the crew in the red rocks up the valley about 2 miles in. 

This would be our lunch spot.

It was amazing in here. 

Our horses even found some grass in the desert. 

After lunch we headed out 

Looking back towards the valley 

Here is a super picture of the boys , Joe, Charlie and Ron.

Cathy on one of the mules at the lookout. 

Heading back. 

Had to take a picture of Hunter and I. LOL 

Another amazing day in the saddle. The kids really enjoyed their hike too. 

Monday morning we said good bye to our hosts Charlie and Teri and headed to Wickenburg. 

I can not thank Charlie and Teri enough for having us. This is just the start of a super friendship for all of us. 


  1. Looks like I will need to put the Valley of Fire on our list of places to ride. I will have to find someplace to camp with the horses outside the park. Once again, thanks for all the info and pictures.


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