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Sunday, 28 December 2014


We have been here at Goldfield now for a few weeks. Even our cats love it here lots of trees to climb. Below is a picture of our two cats. The big one is Duma a Serval cat and the other is Kenya a Savannah cat with is part Serval. They love there morning and afternoon walks. 

Our cat Kenya up one of the Iron wood trees. 

This a great place in Goldfield Ghost Town to get Metal art. Love this store. 

When camping most of our meals our cooked in our dutch ovens. I love going to Fry's Grocery store in Apache Junction they always have some good meat specials. This week it was Cornish Hens 2for $6.00 so guess what is for dinner?? 

On the 23rd we headed up to the Mammoth Saloon for dinner and a show with the Saddle Strings

It is fun to ride up to the Mammoth Saloon after a ride. 

Just don't piss off the bartender LOL

This is our view from our campsite of the Superstitions as the sun goes down. 

Christmas day was cool and was trying to rain. We did a short 2 hour loop with friends of ours from Aldergrove. They have a property in Cave Creek area and came over for a ride and dinner. 

We rode the loop right below "The Superstitions". 

Great views from up there. 

Leslie and Mauro great view shot with a storm brewing in the background. 

Arizona is so green this winter. 

Ron and I :) 

Another Shot of Mauro and Leslie. Time to head back to the campsite to get my Prime rib into the dutch oven for christmas dinner. 

The Saturday after Christmas we trailered to Canyon Lake with some of our Arizona friends. Also a friend from Oregon with her friend Mary from somewhere cold LOL. 

Picture of the Marina where we parked our rig.

Looking below at the lagoon coming from the lake. 

The trail up for the Marina is a rocky steep trail. 

You can not bet the views once at the top. For that matter you can't bet the views all the way up. 

This has to be one of the most scenic rides. The 2 Arizonians riding with us had never rode this trail. Funny they have Canadian tour guides LOL 

This trail is a extreme trail not for the inexperienced riders. It is more of a mule trail but our horses did ok. There are some very steep ledgy parts so if you have any issues with heights maybe this is not a trail for you. 

The scenery is just unbelievable

You can see the photo above how hard the horses have to work to get up this rock face. 

But once up look at the views :) 

Looking back at the lake from above

One part of the trail looks almost like it is not passable so Ron is checking it out. OK after a big jump up on the the rock face there is a trail on the other side down. 

Here is the other side of that rock face down a edgy narrow trail. 

Coming down the narrow trail 

Mary above checking out what she got into riding with these crazy Canadian's. 

Julie and Mary taking up the rear. 

Suzi blazing the lead. What a view!!

Suzi coming down the hill. 

20 minutes from camp. Riding the sand draw in behind Goldfield

What a great ride. Just over 13 miles average speed was only 2.3mph LOL that shows you how difficult the trail really was. 

I mapped the ride on my GPS here is the map above. 

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