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Thursday, 18 December 2014


We had planned on staying in Wickenburg for a while but really wanted our friends the Mack's to experience Goldfield Ghost Town before they headed home on Wednesday. 

We loaded up all the creators and headed for Goldfield.

For those of you that don't know about Goldfield they have about 30 campsites and lots of corrals for your horses. Endless riding right out the back. Your rigs are $15.00 a night and horses are $7.00 you are in charge of feeding and cleaning up after your own animals.
We love it here better then most horse camping areas because you are not jammed in like sardines. It is rustic camping no power but there is water for you rigs and horses. They do how ever have a few full hook-ups but you may have to book well in advance for them.
Visit their web site.

Gizmo had his own little window heading out in the Mack's big truck. 

Arriving at Goldfield we were meet by my favourite dog. Me-ho he makes Gizmo look even smaller then he is. 

It alway's feel's like home once we get here. This will be our 7th time to Goldfield. Our southern home.

Love this shot of the Church here at Goldfield below is the Cowboy Commandments. LOL

Our first Goldfield sunset. 

Looking over Goldfield to Superstition Mountains

Clint and Cathy fall in love with this place too. 

Ron and Clint being goofy with a Saguaro Cactus 

Another beautiful sunset here. 

We took a quad ride with Clint and Cathy. 

Got some great sunset shots

This beautiful Mule team came into town to check out our smart carts LOL 

Took a hike to the Siphon draw with all the kids. James and Gianna got to ride Hunter to the top. 

It is sometimes hard to believe this horse is a stallion. He goes into baby mood when he has little ones on him. 

Yes Lee and Yvonne Clint is yakking with you guys. 

Clint is still on the phone talking to his parents LOL 

Finally off the phone for a great shot of Superstition Mountains. 

Are we there yet? Someone took my horse LOL Long hike....

Another shot of my wild stallion "The Huntsman".

I got to ride back to camp with Gianna on the back and Cathy rode Cimaron so we did a little site seeing on the way back. 

Another great day at Goldfield. 

Tuesday was the Mack's last day in town before heading home to the cold north. First thing was to meet the Train conductor  "Hurry Up"  and have a train ride. 

Great place to get some super shots of the kids. 

For you that don't know who the Mack's are they have a Horse Camp in Merritt BC called 
All 5 of the kid's sing as well as their Dad Clint and Cathy and guess what they are really good. 

Next was a Mine tour and the tilted mystery shack.

Gianna, James and I got to play with Clay at the Mud slingers pottery house. 

Clint and Cathy got there last rays of sun. As they played horse shoes.

The family played 5 songs in the Mammoth Steak house everyone loved them. 

As the sunset our friend Alan made arrangements for the Macks to play and both the Hitching Rail and Filly's. 

They got standing ovations at The Hitching Rail. 

The Hitching rail is know for it's Chicken.  Lee these pictures of for you. LOL

A few (Will say Happy) riders rode up to the Hitching rail and came in for some more drinks. (Not sure if they really needed them LOL)

The last place we hit that night was a very popular place called "Filly's" OMG everyone just loved them. 
Standing ovations and the crowd all stood up and cheered for the Mack's. 

The next morning we said goodbye to our friends as they head north to Merritt. It has been a really fun month with them but it went by way too fast. 

Make sure if you come up to BC you come and visit the Mack's at 
or Visit their FB page

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