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Monday, 22 December 2014


Well if you want to park yourself for the winter with your horses what better place to do it then right here at Goldfield Ghost Town on Hwy 88 next to the Lost Dutchman State Park. Here is a picture taken from high up on the new Zipline at Goldfield. Looking below to the campsite and over to the Superstition Mountains. Riding is just incredible here in the Superstitions. You can ride a different trail everyday from camp or you can trailer a short distance to many trailheads all over the area. 

Another picture of Goldfield from the Zip-line. 

Have a custom made BBQ brand made in Goldfield at the Blacksmith shop. This brand was custom made for our good friends the Mack's. 

Come and have dinner at the Mammoth Saloon and Steak house clinic here for Menu

On the weekends they have old fashioned shoot outs in town. 

Come have a latte and the best cinnamon buns this side of Phoenix at the Bakery in town

Check out all the shops and services in Goldfield 

Our second ride out of Goldfield we took out some new friends we meet out on the trail. Charlotte and Rick Augustin. This was there first trip to Arizona with their horses all thanks to the info on my blogs. 

Looking down over Mesa

Rick high above Mesa and Apache Junction looking down at us below.

Ron and Rick looking down on Mesa and Apache Junction

Rick and Charlotte with the Superstitions in the background

This is a cool rock formation it has all kinds of names that I will not write down. LOL

Heading back to Goldfield

Saturday the 20th of December we decided to head over to the Salt River area and see if we could find a trail all the way back to Goldfield. 

We were not on the trail long when Hunters head went up like a periscope and he looked ahead to a herd of wild horses. 

We continued on our quest to find a trail through the mountain side and found some pretty amazing scenery 

Looking back down the hill to a sand draw below. 

What a gorgeous canyon below us. 

Great shot of the same canyon through the ears of Hunter. 

Second herd of wild horses. This white stallion stood there until all his herd pass quickly by us. He only moved after his herd was safely away from us. 

We did not find the trail to the other side but did find a trail to the trailhead 6 miles closer to camp. Alan decided to hitch a ride and the first car that stopped was a local Sheriff at first I thought OK Alan is getting a ticket for Hitch Hiking LOL but the Sheriff was so nice he gave him a ride back to the trailer and well we waited another herd of horses came trotting down the road. There were 2 mares and foals and 2 young stallions that decided to have a fight right in front of us. Ron had a hard time holding both Foxy the mule back and his horse Cimaron. Hunter was the best behaved as he just watched them move down the street in front of us. 

The end to another good ride with a little excitement for all. 

Sunday 21st of December we had another friend come and pick us up, Suzi who is from Chandler AZ. We went to the same trailhead as the day before but this time we would not make the same wrong turn. Both Suzi and I had a GPS and we planned on making it back to Goldfield.

I brought my big Canon camera with the Zoom lens in case we run into any more wild horses. 

The day before we had noticed a dirt road going through a canyon pass and power lines. The power lines would have to go somewhere. 

A big sand draw ran most of the way through the canyon between the mountains. So we took it most of the way.  

Once we made it through the sand draw and the mountain pass I knew where we were. 

Before you knew it there it was the Superstition mountains. 

Love this area just on the other side of the Bulldog mountains heading towards Goldfield. Some people call these the Goldfield mountains. 

It is like a beautiful desert garden. More riders heading the other way.  

Getting closer to Goldfield and the Superstitions. 

We made it back in 3.59 hours 12.01 miles 

We enjoyed another beautiful sunset after a perfect ride. 

Here is what my GPS mapped the trail to be. Great ride. Next time we will do it backwards. 

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