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Tuesday, 4 March 2014


We left Picket Post last Thursday and headed out toward Catalina Sate park just outside of Tucson AZ. On our way we blow a tire and it not only damaged the fender but the inside of our storage boxes. Our little Buddy heater took the brant of the damage in the storage boxes. Our tires were not old tires we bought them new 2 1/2 years ago and still had good thread. They were however not the the most expense tires and were also imported asian tires. Ron plans on replacing with Goodyear tires. 

Almost new tires 

Tire took the fender off

This Little buddy heater was in our side compartment

After the flat tire before heading into Catalina State park we stopped at Easy Care boots to see Nancy and buy some Easy boot glove seconds. Nancy pictured above helped fit Toby Sharon's horse with some gloves. 

Heading into Catalina State Park

Great shot of Sharon's new Lakota trailer with the Catalina Mountains in the background

Our Canadian campsite

It was so busy at Catalina. Mind you half the park was us Canadians. Our neighbours from Merritt Ross and Irene Walker met up with us for a week as well. 

Flowers are starting to bloom. 

Our good friend Stefanie Grady from Utah came to visit and Darrell just had to bug her :) 

We all went for a ride. Ron had to buy new tires for our trailer so we left both our boys in camp and I rode Mary Alan's mule. 

We started going up a really steep trail that was going to be a little much for Toby so I let Sharon ride Mary the mule (The 4x4) LOL 

I rode Toby back to camp

Then I tacked up my horse Hunter and went for a little trot down the trails 

The next day it rained little 1000 fire hoses, Great day to shop. 

Bought some goldfish for our cat Duma 
Only 12 of them not all of them LOL 

Then all us Canadians went out to Red Lobster for dinner. 

After a raining day you get the most incredible sunset colours on the Catalina Mountains

The next day we all headed out for the Chiriachuas everyone but the Gill's who have decided to stay at Catalina for one week. Here we all are at the sani dump on the way out of the park. 

Here all the rigs are at the mall across from Catalina getting some last minute supplies before heading into the Chiriachua mountains 

We stopped at the rest area in the Dragoon's area for lunch 

All our rigs 

Yes it is warm enough this year to see snakes and insects

Shot of Ron, myself, Ross, Irene, Sharon Darrell and Edna. 

Cool rock formations in the Dragoons

Hard to believe that one of the best rides of our lives is in them there hills. 

Driving down Pinery Canyon road to our campsite 5 miles down.

At our campsite time for some R&R 

Irene and I having a drink. Fun did not last long as our stallion Hunter hit the hot fence well rolling and took it down. He & Toby Sharon's horse decided to go off down the road in the dark. 

Yes we caught the little buggers TG

Back to the campfire before bed tomorrow we ride a "Bucket list ride". Check tomorrow for pictures. 

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  1. Ooooh!! So exciting! The Chiracahuas are on my Bucket List to ride, too! We are riding Canyon de Chelley and Bryce Canyon/Peek a Boo in April. What is the campsite that you stay in while at Chiracahua?