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Saturday, 22 March 2014


Well it is that time of year again. Time to slowly start heading north towards home. We just got all our Health papers redone and are ready to roll. PS note to self never use (ARIZONA EQUINE ) in Gilbert again. They charged us $480.00 for 2 International health certificates. Our other Canadian friends both paid $177 for 2. Highway robbery. Good thing is we got them in hand in 4 days. So now we are packing up and heading to Sedona for a week then planning on spending 2 weeks in Southern Utah to ride Zion, Bryce, Thunder mountain and Lossee Canyon. 

Here are some pictures of our last rides here riding out of Goldfield Ghost Town

Peg , Dave, Linda and Ron with Bulldog mountains in the background. 

Spring has sprung 

Family of Barrel cactus

Hedgehog cactus in bloom

Ocotillo Cactus above and Hedgehog below both in full bloom 

Great shot of Myra and Glen from Ft St John in BC

Myra and Glen heading up the trail with Superstition mountain in the background

Peg and Chief

On top of the Bulldog mountain lookout. 

This is a great shot of Peg on my favourite rock coming down from the Bulldog lookout. 


Glen above

Yesterday (March 21) we Alan Gillman hauled us down to Canyon Lake and we started our ride from there. (Below) 

We rode out of the Marina Parking lot.

We crossed the road to the trail.

More blooming Ocotillo 

Looking back at the Marina as we head up the mountain side.

I think this sign is kind of fading.

Looking down and one of the lakes inlets. 

Up up up we climbed. 

What a beautiful day. 

I gave Hunter the day of and rode one of my favourite mules "Mary". 

Looking back at lake now you can see clear across to the Dam.

Here is the gang Alan, Ron, Peg and Randy over looking lake. 

Looking ahead towards the Superstitions and Weavers Needle. 

Again this is not a trail for the beginner rider or horses that are not surefooted. Very ledgy edgy and rocky. 

Looking down between Mary's ear to the trail below. 

Great shot of Alan with his Mule Foxy and dog Pinky. He is looking down the cliff below where we will be traveling. Below is what it looks like from the bottom. 

Here is Ron in the same place Alan was above picture but looking at it from below. 

The trail heads to the right and comes through a narrow passage. 

This is me on Mary after going through small passage. 

Down we head to the Valley below. 

What "Views"!!

Peg and Chief heading down

Randy and Knight heading down.

The trail is a little ruff in places.  

This is the most narrow area on the trail. 

Pretty cool through the ears of a mule. 

Thank god below we hit water. With Temps in the 80's today.

No only did we get horses & mules water but we wet them all down too. 

From here we headed to Hackberry Spring (Below) 

We ran into a bunch of Arizona Horsemen (and women) one of them we had met before. Jay Jay whom is a friend of someone we no in BC Lorraine. 

The side of the Canyon wall at Hackberry Springs

Riding out of Hacksprings heading back to Goldfield

Looking down at Hackberry Springs

The other riders rode out with us. 

On the way back to Goldfield I saw two snakes mating on the trail just out of wash before Goldfield. It was interesting seeing them all twisted together with only the 2 rattles sticking up. I tryed taking a picture but it did not turn out. 

Time to head to cooler areas where the snakes are still sleeping LOL 

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