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Sunday, 30 March 2014


There is really only one place to stay with your horses in Sedona and it is Horse Mesa Ranch in Oak Creek just east of Sedona. We stayed there last year very nice. This year because we had so many rigs and people traveling with us we found a great place out on Forest road 525 on the BLM. You can not camp with in a 1/4 of a mile from any water hole cattle or other wise. We headed down toward the red rocks on 525 at the "Y" on the road you have a chose of 525C or 525 we took the right turn towards the Ruins. On the top of the second hill close to the red rocks we found the prefect place to put 6 or more rigs. You could if you wanted to ride to the first trail heads but we were lucky enough to have Alan with his stock trailer. 

Again to get to the BLM just South west of Sedona you want to take the Hwy 89A towards Cottonwood just past the water treatment plan you will see the brown forest road sigh 525. We drove in about 6 miles. 

You can see in pink where we camped. There are other spots even farther up closer to the trail heads if there is no one already in them. 

Here is a picture of our camp on the BLM

The first couple days we rode from camp to the red rocks. 

We had no idea how close we really were to the main trail heads that surround Sedona. The 3 ride we did we hauled to the Fay Canyon trail head in 2 loads it was about 4 miles from our camp. You could easily ride it. 

Well we waited for the second load of horses we rode the 1mile up the Fay Canyon trail. 

You know where to stop as the trail gets even to steep for hikers but of course I had to try it LOL 

This is kind of the end of the road on Fay Canyon. 

Once the second load of horses got to the parking lot we hit the trails. 

Pink Jeep tours are big in Sedona. They come by our campsite every few minutes. They now slow down and show off our horses LOL One of the jeep guides thought we were a movie set. Too funny.

Sedona has so many tourists. It is now the #1 voted tourist destination in North America. It reminds me a little of Whistler the way it is layed out for tourists. 

We took the Boynton Canyon trail up around a gorgeous high-end resort. 

There are many hikers but all of them seemed very excited to see the horses. 

Love this shot of Sharon just wish her horse Toby had his eyes open. Maybe he is afraid of heights and doesn't want to look down LOL

Talking about heights Alan and Peg took the mules way up. 

Alan heading down with Peg and Randy in the rear. 

Heading up the Canyon passed the high-end resort. 

The trail gets tricky for a while but then once on the Canyon floor it is nice and sandy trails. 

Heading back out of the Canyon. What a great ride. 

We headed into town for dinner and to see some sights. Next to this high-end art gallery on the way into town there is a Cowboy Church. 

The once Church that is a must see is the Holy Cross just east of Sedona toward Oak Creek. It is built right into the red rocks. 

This home is across from the Holy Cross. 

We headed for dinner to the Open Range bar and grill. Beautiful views great average food Burgers etc but very pricy. 

The next day we headed over to Fay Canyon trail head to ride yet another trail. 

Well we waited for the second group of horses we rode up Fay Canyon and took some pictures. Yes that is me and Hunter.

Ron and Cimaron

Through the horses ears shot of Ron

Another shot of Hunter and I

Heading back to the parking lot to see if the rest of them made it.

Off to Deadman's Pass we go.

The trails are very well maintained but not well used by horses. It is super they are all multi use trails. 

Great shot of the gang going over the hill. 

The views are to die for.

We ended up doing about 13 miles there are trails in every direction.  

My camera died after these 2 shots it was too bad because we sure had the views. 

Back at camp below. Another great ride 

I have to talk Alan Gillman for all the rides he gave our horses this winter to so many new trail heads. We said our good byes to the Diefert's and Alan yesterday morning as they all headed to Southern Utah. We are heading to Dead Horse State Park for a few days to wait for more friends to arrive. We don't have to be home for another 19 days. 

So keep posted for more exciting rides and places to camp with yours horses. 


  1. Thank you for all the time you put into documenting these rides. Your pictures are always wonderful to look at and details about the ride are much appreciated. I know the amount of time that goes into this so much thanks. Karen Moseley