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Wednesday, 12 March 2014


They say over 1000 years ago the Mogollon people lived in the hills of the Dragoons as well as many other mountain ranges throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Today we took a ride to see a place called "Council Rock" where it is said Chief Cochise signed a treaty with General O.O.Howard in 1872. For 15 years The Dragoon were home to Chief Cochise and about 1000 followers. He at any given time he would have over 250 warriors guarding the cliffs on both sides of the mountain range. This mountain range was soon called the  "Cochise Stronghold". About 800 years before Chief Cochise lived in the Dragoon the Mogollon people called this home. 

“I am alone in the world. I want to live in these mountains… I have drunk of the waters of the Dragoon Mountains and they have cooled me, I do not want to leave here.”
— Chief Cochise

A ride into history!!

Our campsite in the dragoons.

You can see how this could be a Stronghold the warriors could see in every direction for hundreds of miles over the rocks here in the Dragoons.

This is now listed as a National Historical site

These wall paintings are at least 1000 years old. 

This is were they use to grind there grains

Ron and I headed into the rock shelters to have a look

Look at what they made with the rocks a table

Alan was able to get right into the rock shelters on his small mule "Foxy". 

Great place to stop for lunch

From were I am here on my horse I can see the valley in almost every direction.  Amazing views. 

More of the pictographs and below is my horse Hunter tied below the paintings

We met a really nice couple at Council Rock they are retired and live in the trailer traveling around North America mountain biking, surfing and hiking. Dean and Dyan Jones. 

Another super ride back into history!

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