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Sunday, 9 March 2014


This is the place Cochise loved as his home, where he sought refuge and where he finally made his peace with the white man. He is buried somewhere in the Stronghold. The Apache knew themselves as “people of the woods” and “the rising sun.”

Here is the trail map to Cochise. 

Below is the directions to Cochise from Tuscon area, but once you get into the area look for the camping sign on the right. The end of the road is only for camping without horses.

Dragoon mountain in the background

Here is our campsite. We were able to get 5 good sized rings all in a circle 

Group shot of our Canadian group 
Left to right Darrell, Edna, Ross, Irene, Sharon, myself & Ron.

Ron, Darrell and Ron working on getting a Hollow log for the fire

Still working on the log LOL 

Below is a Pets world. We had 8 dogs and 3 cats in camp. I think they enjoy camping as much as us. 

This is a really cool guy nothing bothers him. 

Duma our exotic cat enjoying the sunrise

All the dogs but Sammy our in this picture getting cookies. 

Kenya has her morning nap on our espresso machine. Yes we camp with an expresso machine we do well for dry campers LOL 

Pinky Alan's dog trying hard to make friends with Duma. 

Ron climbed up the mountain to take this shot of camp below with his Go-pro3 camera. You can see the circle of rigs right below the sun. 

Heading out for the Cochise Indian trail

Leaving the camp Alan rode along side of us and I got this super picture of him on Foxy.

This is where the trail comes in from other campsite. 

Irene and I above , & Ross took some pictures of each of us below.

 This was Halfmoon Tank waterhole. I was a little nervous as there was about a 40' drop below behind us. 

Great shot of Alan up on this rock on Foxy with Pinky in toe.

More pictures of Halfmoon Tank. Below you can see the drop on the other side.

We are heading to the view point.

Irene at the view point 

 Great shot of Ross and Patches at the view point.

We took this shot of all of us at the view point front and back (below) with our Go Pro hero3

Below is a picture at the very top of the Stronghold

Great shot of Darrell, Ross, Irene and Edna at the Stronghold

We finished today with a movie "The Hatfields and MacCoy's"

Breakfast for all. 

Last look at the view. 

A little tree trimming to fit rigs out and we are on our way to the other side of the Stronghold to the Dragoons. 

“I am alone in the world. I want to live in these mountains… I have drunk of the waters of the Dragoon Mountains and they have cooled me, I do not want to leave here.”
— Chief Cochise

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