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Saturday, 15 March 2014


We have spent over a week in the Dragoon mountains. On both sides east and west. These mountains have so much history and beauty. I searched on google to find out when these mountains we formed but nothing came up. The rock formations are like no other. Only about 12 miles for the Historical town of Tombstone the Dragoons are a lovely area to camp and ride your horses. 

From the Dragoon mountains it is a easy trip in to visit the Historical town of Tombstone to shop or dine out. 

You are able to ride your own horse in Tombstone. There is a large parking lot at the West end of town large enough for big rigs. Or you can stay and ride from the Tombstone Livery that is a few miles east of Tombstone. 

If you don't have your own horse to ride down Allen street in Tombstone then you can take the Stagecoach up through town. 

We took our second ride with our friends from Washington at the Dragoons. Alan Gillman lead us out on his mule Foxy. 

I would love to find out more info on how these rocks were formed. 

We took a nice trail to the east of camp. 

The trail took us along the base of the Dragoons

This is all ranch-lands in this area. Make sure you close any gates you may open. 

Just beautiful country.

Alan posing on a big rock with Foxy. 

Here I am posing on a big rock with my stallion Hunter. 

Ok Alan you win that is one big rock. Yes Mules are like 4x4's

Heading back to camp.

Alan and Foxy now in tow.

Look at the sunset below over the cliffsides. 

The next day we took one of our last rides here at the Dragoons. This time we went in 3 different directions. Us girls, Sharon, Peg and I took an easy scenic trail to the west of camp. 

Great shot of Peg and Sharon with the cool rocks lite in the background. 

We headed up a sand draw for a while. 

Then we headed back towards the base of the Dragoons. 

Love this little trail through the 2 hill sides. 

Cool rock formations everywhere. 

Love this shot.

Heading down the trail back to camp. 

We got a visit from other horse campers from Arizona camping just over from us at sunset. Jan Connors whom I know from Facebook with her husband and another Arizona couple. 

Our campsite just before sunset with the low lighting. 

Tomorrow we head back to Apache Junction to stay at Goldfield for a week. We have to have our health papers on our horses done again to head north to Utah and then onward home to British Columbia. 

Keep posted for more blogs on Goldfield, Sedona, and Southern Utah

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  1. Hay, Kelly. You asked about the geology about the Dragoon Mountains. This website should tell you all you want to know and more .....
    Hugh :o)