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Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Alan Gillman took Ron, Sharon and I back to Saguaro Lake yesterday. Sharon had never been to that area. We are now back camping at Goldfield Ghost Town and Saguaro Lake is about 35 minute drive west of there. One of the most beautiful area's in Arizona. It is a real desert garden with rivers and lakes.

Leaving the parking lot heading west towards along the Salt River. 

Here are some pictures of us at the Salt river before going under the bridge to the other side of the hillside. 

Nice to have lots of water the temperatures were in the 80's 

We followed the river for a while before heading up a sand-draw back towards the lake.

The trail is a little narrow but in good shape. 

Super views all the way.

Great shot of Ron and Cimaron just before dropping into the sand-draw.

Alan and Foxy getting cooled off in the 80 degree sunshine.

Love this shot of Sharon and Toby in the river

Up the sand-draw.

It has been a month since we rode this trail and since then the flowers are blooming like crazy.

It is like riding through a beautiful colourful desert garden.

One of the trails took us from the sand-draw way up above the lake. 

You can see all the way over to Saguaro Lake from up here.

Alan and Foxy at the top of the view point before riding down towards the lake.

Over looking Saguaro Lake 

More flowers blooming 

View of Dam and Lake.

Alan and I stopped before going down to the Ranch to trade horses/mule. 

I rode Foxy down the little 4x4

Sharon, Ron and Alan coming by the  it is a beautiful ranch. 

Here are some pictures of the ranch.

The stables at Saguaro Lake Ranch

Alan riding Hunter. 

Love this little mule Foxy 

Another great ride. 

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