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Thursday, 20 February 2014


We are still camping at Picket Post mountain with our horses. Our ride yesterday took us to some old Apache Ruins called "Pinal Ruins". The area they are in was once a city called Pinal. Above the ruins is an old silver mine. This trail took us from camp under the highway and then up what is now called "Lost Trail" then back towards Picket Post Mountain. We came back through the tunnels under the highway towards the old wagon tracks that are now formed in rock. The Pinal ruins are just below the wagon tracks once you go through the area they call "The Jungle". There is a lot of history in this area. 

There was six of us on this ride. Alan let Richard use Mary his mule so his horse could have a day off. 

This is the Lost trail heading along on the other side of Highway 60.

This has to be one of the tallest Pear Cactus I have ever seen

As we rode along we came across this gravel site

We had lunch in the area they call "The Jungle"

Feels good to get the legs out of the stirrups for a while

Heading towards the Ruins 

There were a few of these ruins in the cliff side below the silver mine. 

You could ride right up to them

Another one 

This is a very interesting area

Richard and Mary riding out of the ruins.

More cool rock formations 

Look Alan can eat lunch and ride down a very steep trail not bad :) 

The rest of them already at the bottom

Richard and Mary heading down last 

Riding past the old silver mine 

Looking back at the old silver mine 

 East side of Picket Post Mountain

Heading down into Arnett Canyon

The weather has been so good that the trees now have their green leaves on them below.

Love this canyon it is so pretty. 

Alan on Foxy his mule with Pinky following 

This little Mule will go anywhere. 

Richard and Mary taking up the rear.

Darrell and Edna took another way back and come up over the cliffs above us.

Richard and Mary 

Back on the west side of Picket Post Mountain.

Another super ride here in Arizona. 

Happy Trails to you all :) 

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