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Thursday, 20 February 2014


"Please Leave no Trace"

I find it hard to believe that some people do not practice "Leave no Trace". Our campsite here at Picket Post is a well used horse area it is kind of hard to leave no trace. I took a couple days off of riding and Darrell myself and his girlfriend Edna cleaned up most of the campsite. I not sure if some of you horse people know but if you toss the manure on the pear cactus it kills them. It was sad to see so many dead cactus in camp and so much dried horse manure. We decided to start a burn pile and burn all the dead cactus and manure. It really cleaned the camp site up. Also we now haul our manure out of camp to spread in where there is no cactus and this way camp is not full of manure and flies. 

Before I started cleaning camp up I took Ron and Alan to the trail just above the Wagon tracks

They were going to do a loop back to camp. This was Ron's first ride on a mule. 

This is one of the almost dead cactus's that is covered in hay and horse manure

This is the back side of our campsite covered in manure and dead cactus. 

This is the same area after the clean up

It is amazing how well dried horse pop burns 

We raked all the poo out from under the trees and did some rock gardens 

Our campsite free of horse manure

Found this little guy under one of the dead cactus we found him a new home under a live cactus. 

In the mean time Alan and Ron were having a good ride

The next day we also decide to give the horses another day off. We have been riding some long trails and putting some good miles on our horses. 

We took a drive to Globe AZ. Globe is kind of an old mining town. They are still mining Globe area. There are some really cool old buildings there and some nice tourist shops like the Pickle Barrel

This is the town of Superior AZ only minutes from camp. They have almost everything you need but a laundry mat. 

Once you leave Superior AZ  you head up into the mountains. You go through a lovely canyon called Queen Creek Canyon. 

Rock formations are tall Hodo's

The main street in the Historical part of Globe

Some of the old buildings 

The Pickle Barrel Trading Post 

Heading back to Picket Post 

Almost back to Superior AZ

Another prefect sunset in the Arizona skies

Happy Trails 

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