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Sunday, 2 February 2014


Today we trailered out of Goldfield to the parking lot just past the turn off for first water. It is on the right side of Hwy 88. We dropped all 5 horses off and then Ron took the smart car and followed Alan with the horse trailer to the parking lot at the marina on Canyon Lake. Once they got back with the smart car we rode out towards the first water parking lot. Took the Hackberry Springs trail down into Hackberry springs then road the trail up to the Garden Mesa to second water trail. The second water trail is rocking but once you get down it opens up into some of the most beautiful country you will ever see. We took the 103 to the Boulder trail then headed toward Canyon Lake. This is just over 10 miles from start to finish but is a little edgy at times and extreme not for the faint of heart. The trail takes you up to over look the whole valley all the way back to the Superstitions. Once you get to the top you over look Canyon Lake and the views are incredible.

Head up highway 88 until you see the parking lot on the right hand side it is past first water turn off

This is the parking lot. It is right were the power lines cross the highway.

Alan and Ron drove trailer to the lake and came back in the smart car

Getting ready to leave

Hunter waiting to get this show on the road

Heading up the trail towards first water

Heading down the trail to Hackberry Springs

Long hill down into the creek below 

Looking down at trail below

At the bottom just before Hackberry springs

Pinky and Buddy having fun

A short rest at Hackberry before hitting the trail

Up on the Garden Mesa all 5 of us

Alan heading down the second water trail

Looking down towards second water

This is the rocky second water trail 

Once you get past the rocky trail it opens up into this incredible valley

You do some climbing 

Then you head down to second water

Now more climbing

The trail gets narrow and edgy 

This one is a knee knocker

It is beautiful in here

More climbing up

More up .....

The views on the other side are coming soon

Believe it or not there is a trail right in front of me. 

You feel like you are on top of the world

Then you start to head slowly down towards the lake

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Lunch break

Some more climbing

Now we can see the lake

Lots of great photo ops here

Ron and I over looking lake

Alan heading for his photo op

Even more climbing before heading down

Yes on top of the world

Love this shot I took of Alan on Foxy with his dog Pinky following

Yes there I go over the edge

Almost down the trail

There is the marina where the truck is parked

Back at parking lot

Thank you Alan again for taking us and our horses on another super ride

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